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Strawberries, space for SìBon Bio

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Friday 20 May 2022

It’s time to eat strawberry and blueberry bio They leave the niche market and occupy the segment required by demand. Now they ask us out loud GDO and Consumers.

To confirm it with documented knowledge He is Pietro Ciardiello, Director of the Sole Cooperative who, since 2021, Participate in a membership campaign of unprecedented dimensions for the sector companies.

The first signs of a real jump in organic product orders, free from doubts about the occasional nature of the moment, came to us last year from overseas markets. In particular, Northern Europe, we’ve seen it move decisively from traditional to organic, to the point that Our premium product, SiBon BIO, has rapidly increased distribution numbers.

And the current campaign, which is now running out, seems to perpetuate that positive trend we had previously anticipated. Otherwise, we wouldn’t find the market ready. – Referring only to Vital Strawberry, Season Coop Sole will close well, touch 2000 tons marketer. In fact, as of this year, due to the consolidated demand from abroad, we have found exceptional interest in the sector also by the national GDO. Some brands, for example, prove to be very well counteracting the change of trend in consumer demand, thus promoting our “unconventional” product well at points of sale.

Thanks to this increased sensitivity of Italian brands towards BIO but above all for their apparent willingness to chart new paths in full cooperation, for the future, We will also focus heavily on the domestic market and organic products will increasingly be at the center of our production strategies. In fact, Coop Sole has already laid the foundations to become the largest Italian platform for high-quality strawberries and “little fruits” (blackberries, blueberries and raspberries) in the upcoming campaign.

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I am also convinced of this Good membership success – continues Ciardiello – will be essential to improving qualitative perception sector in terms of health. Indeed, if it is shown that it is possible to make BIO on a large scale, then it will be easier to correctly perceive the general reorganization of the entire sector in this sense.

Indeed, periodicals do not escape us The image of strawberries is heavily punished because they are still one of the most processed fruits in the world and therefore among the least healthy. This conviction inevitably limits the consumer’s choppy and fickle buying style: sometimes he succumbs to the temptation of taste and fragrance, and other times he watches himself and restrains himself because he is worried about his health and especially the health of his children. It is a belief that must be undermined and we, with Sibon BIO, will do our part.

Source: Coop Sole Press Office

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