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Stock markets today, March 17. Lagarde warns of inflation, EU price lists are falling

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Milan – European stock exchanges resumed positively in the wake of the awaited decision from the Federal Reserve, which Raising interest rates by 25 basis pointsmarking the first increase since 2018. The president’s words comfort the markets above all else Jerome PowellThe US economy is considered “very strong”. “We continue to expect solid growth,” the first US central bank said, adding that “the impact of the coronavirus omicron variable on the economy has been moderate and short.” But late in the morning, the lists were folded after the warning from the European Central Bank chief Christine Lagarde: “The latest baseline forecast from European Central Bank staff, which includes a preliminary assessment of the impact of the war, see inflation, on average, at 5.1% this year. In a more serious scenario, inflation is the forecast that could exceed 7% in 2022,” He said. Thus the EU stock exchanges drop to a negative level and then close on the contrary. Milan loses 0.66%, Frankfurt of 0.43%. Paris rose 0.36% e London Which increases by 1.3%.

The Bank of England also raises interest rates

The decision of the Bank of England weighs on the decline in the London market, which today raised interest rates, moving them from 0.5% to 0.75%, as was widely expected, justifying the measure with an attempt to compare the inflation of record growth in the United Kingdom. Then the Bank of England sounded the alarm about rates, stating that there was a risk that UK inflation could peak at 8% this year.

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Caution on the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

Obviously, the main focus of investors remains the conflict in Ukraine. Yesterday, a potential improvement in negotiations helped push European financial markets higher even if Ukrainian Prime Minister Dmytro Kuleba specified in an interview with CNN that “delegates are far from reaching an agreement.”

Asian stocks rise

Excellent seat for Asian markets.Tokyo It closed 3.4% higher, with Hong Kong up more than five percentage points after the maximum rise already recorded yesterday.. Chinese listings are more cautious: Shanghai is growing 1.3% and Shenzhen is 2.1%.

Oil, Brent is back above $100

The price of oil is rising again. Crude oil from the North Sea increased by 8.21% to $106.10, while the price of West Texas Intermediate crude rose 7.67% to $102.33. To raise the value of black gold is the warning of the International Energy Agency on supplies from Russia: according to the agency, 3 million barrels per day could be lost over the next month

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