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EU stock exchanges cautiously await the European Central Bank. Milan in the red, heavy banks are increasingly widespread

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(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor) – Piazza Affari starts sharply, due toImminent exit from the scene of the accident From Mario Draghi as prime minister and a possible early termination of the legislature with a vote scheduled for early fall. The FTSE MIB It is the black shirt in Europe for others Continental Indicators They limit the damage, which occurs between the relief of reopening the taps to Europe from the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline and the waiting for European Central Bank decisions on interest rates and tools that can enhance financial stability in the eurozone. They’ve been moved a bit CAC 40 Paris, dated DAX 40 Frankfurt andAEX Amsterdam. Meanwhile, the price between BTp and the 10-year note rose to 243 basis points at the opening of European markets.

For analysts, the Italian crisis and the European Central Bank appointed

For the markets, the real test will be the appointment with the European Central Bank this afternoon “which could ease the situation or even inflate it if the indicators from Frankfurt are too weak”, assures Filippo Djudovic, chief market strategist at IG Italia. “We don’t think the markets were pricing what happened, not so much for an early election as to overthrow the most respected Italian professionals for irrelevant, childish and selfish reasons.” Bestinver analysts comment. “The biggest risk is that there is pressure on our government, especially when the 10-year rate is set,” said Massimo Maria Gionso, Sim’s chief financial officer, adding that he stresses that there will be “in the short term some suffering.” But the European Central Bank will do its part, and it will probably have to speed up the famous anti-proliferation shield, and they will have to take a step to avoid the domino effect.”

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Spread rises to 243 pips, yield at 3.70%

The difference between BTp and the Bund began, pending the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who today closes the parliamentary corridor in the Chamber before heading to Kohl. The yield spread between the ten-year BTp benchmark (Isin IT0005436693) and the same German maturity is indicated at the opening of the session at 243 basis points from 221 points yesterday. The benchmark 10-year BTp yield jumped to 3.70% from 3.47% at the close on the eve of the year. According to Corriere della Sera, there is now no alternative possibility of dissolving the two chambers and the vote that must take place on September 25 or next October 2.

BTP/Bund spread trend

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Saint in turn, down the financial

in Milan, StmicroelectronICs go against the trend by exploiting the upsurge in the technology sector following the US plan to support US chip production. Heavy all stock stock with UnicreditAnd the Banka GeneralAnd the Italian PostAnd the Intesa San PauloAnd the Unipol And the Pop eh bank Which moves to the bottom of the main part of Piazza Avary.

Gas stopped, Nord Stream 1 reopened

Open at the price of processed gas in Amsterdam. August future delivery fell 4.9% to €147.4 per megawatt-hour following news that Russia has reopened its gas taps to Europe, restarting the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. However, there remains uncertainty about the amount of gas being delivered. has been entered. “It’s working,” a Nord Stream spokesman told AFP. Gazprom shut down the pipeline for 10 days for maintenance and there was concern, even after some statements from the Russian energy giant, that the pipeline would not be restarted properly.

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