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Stock exchanges, Wall Street slide amid fears of Chinese infection from Covid

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FTSE Mib Stock Exchange Performance


Saipem slips in Milan. The market is still cold on the future of MPS

In Piazza Avari Sweat It rose 0.2%, after the announcement of a solar energy boost through an acquisition in Spain. Diasurin It lost 0.3%, despite the possibility of an increase in the use of tampons, after announcing the obligation to take a test for Covid imposed on those coming from China. few movements, however, Nixie And the Telecom Italia, despite the signing of a business partnership. They went up amplifierwhile LE Saipem which had so far risen 8% over the week. in red Mps bank With the market remaining lukewarm on a possible merger with another big bank despite the eve promotion by the European Central Bank, which lifted the ban on Rocca Salimbeni’s dividend.

Utilities are doing badly, as you feel the effects of the prospect of higher interest rates. And therefore A2a 1.23% left on paving, Hera 2.3% and Erin 2.2%. it is in It limited losses to 0.57%, while overall company management appointments have already begun. According to rumors, the current CEO, Francesco Starace, is likely to leave, and among the possible candidates to replace him is the names of Matteo Del Fante, number one of Italian Post (-0.9%) Francesco Venturini, CEO, Enel X, and Stefano Antonio Donnarumma, Managing Director trinity (-1.1%).

Spreads up to 214 basis points

Closing session even because of the points difference between BTp and Bund. The spread between the Italian ten-year BTP standard (Isin IT0005494239) and the German equivalent maturity at the end of the day is indicated at 214 basis points from 211 days eve. The 10-year benchmark BTP return is 4.64% from 4.62% yesterday evening.

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Yen falls after dovish Bank of Japan. Low oil and gas rising

On the forward exchange rateThe sale of bonds in Australia and New Zealand prompted the Bank of Japan to announce new purchases of exceptional debt to limit the flow of returns. A peaceful move affected Yen. EUR/USD fell steadily above 1.06. brakes oil price. The price of natural gas remains subdued, which is a cautious mood in equity markets, which are about to end their worst year since 2008 (at the time of the subprime mortgage crisis). The Euro is weak but above $1.06. Oil fell sharply, while gas rose at closing above 80 euros per megawatt hour, after falling to 76.25 euros per megawatt hour, the lowest value since last February.

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