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It costs 15,000 euros and is a bomb

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Crossovers have been very strong in the auto market lately. This, it’s all Italian, is truly amazing.

A crossover is a conventional vehicle that usually features a family car or hatchback body with the characteristics – mainly aesthetic – of an SUV. On some occasions, using the term crossover, we want to designate a particular class of models equipped with four or five-door side bodies and with a high body.

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These are the vehicles that are doing really well in the market, in a segment that is increasingly appreciated and sought after by customers or potential customers. Precisely for this reason, today we are going to talk about a very special car.

An all-Italian crossover that’s really getting a lot of acclaim all over the world. The price, which certainly isn’t excessive for most drivers, helps. But the car in question has a lot more to say than just a matter of economics.

The Italian crossover everyone wants: the details

The car we’re telling you about is one Dr Evo 3 is one of the latest creations of DR. It has an elegant design. an all-electric front-wheel drive compact crossover made in China; However it was later modified within the Italian factory in Macchia d’Isernia. The interiors are spacious and modern, in contrast to the very limited trunk. The Samsung branded battery pack has a capacity of 40 kWh and guarantees a range of about 300 km.

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As long as I keep recharging, it takes about an hour. A 4-cylinder engine, capable of delivering up to 113 horsepower, is fully matched by a permanent magnet motor with an output of 113 horsepower. Compared to the competition, Dr Evo is a bit underperforming, however, it still has its big strengths. Standard equipment, for example, is really extensive. The price of 16 thousand euros must also be taken into accountfor example the least convenient, which represents an excellent quality / price ratio.

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On the other hand, the safety equipment is limited to the presence of only front airbags, parking sensors and a rear view camera. Moving on to technology, we can appreciate the infotainment unit of this car, which offers a host of essential features: 9-inch touch screen – supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – while not forgetting the high-resolution rear camera that has a lot of features. parking assist, automatic climate control, non-adaptive cruise control and theft deterrent. Overall, a very valid model which, as DR Automobiles always does, does not disappoint expectations.

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