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Steven Spielberg: ‘Warner Brothers Threw Directors Under the Bus’

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If the “father” de Shark, Jurassic Park And the Indiana Jones Criticize, you can not remain indifferent: Steven Spielberg recently slammed Discover Warner Bros. for their managers’ behavior towards directors during the pandemic, accusing them of “throwing directors under the bus” after putting their films on streaming platforms rather than in cinemas.

Steven Spielberg vs Warner Brothers: ‘I threw directors under the bus’

Spielberg He is one of the most successful directors of all time. Many of his films are often cited as some of his greatest ever and would need no further introduction. To understand The timeless popularity of Spielberg’s workDo you think this is fornext auction subordinate The original animation headers used in ETeach head should cost between 2 and 3 million dollars, Even though he is almost 40 years old.

In a recent interview with The New York TimesSpielberg, from the height of his esteemed experience, wanted to scold Warner Bros. Discovery for her attitude toward fellow directors during the pandemic:

The pandemic has created an opportunity for streaming platforms to increase their subscriptions to record levels. This also creates an opportunity to throw some of my best director friends under the bus, since their films haven’t been unofficially released in theaters. They got paid and the movies suddenly relegated, as in one case, to HBO Max. Today’s movies should be good enough to make all viewers tell each other that it’s worth going to the movies when the lights go out. “.

Therefore, the director is unrelenting above all else about the transformation of films that followed the pandemic: due to the need to stay at home, many production companies have released some films, planned for cinema, on Various streaming platforms. This strategy has worked well at times during the pandemic and has, in fact, been highly appreciated by some users specifically for its adaptability by studios, as well as for sacrifice. But after theaters finally safely reopened, that situation persisted and many highly anticipated movies ended up in theaters. Finally, Spielberg wanted to have his say.

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Meanwhile, Spielberg’s new production Continue to impress critics. Its new 2021 edition of West side story It received great reviews and was nominated forBest movie oscar, although it had poor results at the box office. The director’s next feature film is a semi-autobiographical drama fablemanswhich received great critical acclaim prior to its November 11, 2022 release date. Spielberg’s direction has been particularly praised, as has his performance Michelle Williams and photography Janusz Kaminsky.

Aside from his work as a director, Spielberg is too Producer or Executive Producer One of the many notable productions to be shown for the first time in the near future. This includes The fifth Indiana Jones movie is currently untitledsequel to monsters rise transformers Biography of Leonard Bernstein Perfects. Spielberg also played a pivotal role in getting the green light in the recently announced follow-up to Twister. TornadoesHe was reportedly very impressed with the scriptwriter’s sequel script to The Revenant, Mark L Smith.

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