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Stella was killed at the age of 16 by a bull shark in the river, and the animals would be captured and branded

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The decision by the local authorities in Western Australia came as part of further measures taken after the terrible tragedy of sixteen-year-old Stella Berry, a girl who was bitten by a bull shark in early February.

They will all be arrested Labeled bull shark specimens Traded at the mouth of the Swan River in Western Australia. This was established by local authorities in Western Australia as part of additional measures put in place after the terrible The tragedy of 16-year-old Stella Berrythe girl who in early February was bitten by a bull shark while swimming near the Fremantle Traffic Bridge in North Fremantle, a suburb of Perth.

Therefore, bull sharks swimming across the Swan River will now be caught and flagged for observation after i Tests confirmed that the species was involved in the teenager’s recent death. The goal is to be able to track the movements of bull sharks during the summer and fall, when female bull sharks enter rivers to give birth.

Acoustic monitoring receivers will be used To get an overview of the movements and thus be able to issue any alerts to the population so that they can avoid a tragedy like Stella’s.

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“The Swan and Canning Rivers are a popular recreational playground. The expansion of the tagging program will help researchers learn more about bull shark movements and build an evidence-based approach to mitigate the incidence of sharks in our data estuaries,” said Australian Environment Minister Rhys Whitby. .

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Stella Berry She was swimming with her friends after diving from a boat Completely ignoring the possibility that there might be sharks in that place like everyone else did. The fatal attack on February 4 was the first fatal shark incident in the Swan River in over a hundred years.

There have been other accidents over the years but none fatal. The most recent was two years ago when a Perth man was severely bitten in the leg by a bull shark while swimming in the same Swan River. Bull sharks are common in the waters around Australia and are the only shark species that regularly inhabit freshwater.

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