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Monza Football, Di Gregorio secures a valuable point. Galliani: “An excellent result.”

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On one side a point Which brings the eleventh of Rafael Palladino To salvation It gives continuity to the victory achieved over Sassuolo.

On the other hand a point Obtained thanks Di Gregorio blocked itis able to keep his team afloat in The first half is negative Where the home team kicks at least six times towards the red and white goal. while Pessina and his teammates never shoot In the first 45 minutes of the match.

Negative draw Obtained from Monza Football Club at Blunergy Stadium Udine makes way for Completely opposing readings: As often happens, and The correct view lies in the middle Of the two interpretations.

Juventus control

From a performance perspective, First half in Monza He was Among the ugliest of the season. Udinese pretty much dominated The match created six chances in 45 minutes: LucaHe unleashed and kicked four times on goal and They died Di Gregorio called overtime. Pessina and his teammates – constantly struggling in midfield – were unable to relieve the pressure on the home team: Colbani, Dani Motta and Djuricin his first start as a rookie, did not I didn't get a chance to show off.

In the second half Some corrections were made by Raffaele Palladino. Juventus' grip loosened, and on two occasions Brianza players appeared in the home team's box and fired all three shots towards goal that were included in the match statistics.

Few goals

that Football Monza Season 2023/2024 You are struggling Lots to find The path to the goal It is now known; Less popular than the team You are struggling a lot to Create a game In the opponent's half of the field. the Winter transfer market Hand over to Palladino Elements Which expands the options available to him, but which They must be “turned on” correctly. If (the second) is a compelling piece of Zerbin Can only give him a shirt of Start in the next roundAttend the Durek The review sets out the 'method' in which a striker who is around two meters tall can best be served, all of which meshes with the use of two attacking midfielders and a holding midfielder where Pessina It really seems that way Shrink (The third player on the field in the Italian League).

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If this year's Monza does not have the characteristics of the last tournament, we will likely see some other changes in the upcoming matches.

Closest salvation

party More satisfied Find in Adriano Galliani The most important supporter. The press intercepted him at the entrance to the league meeting on Monday, February 5, and the red and white commissioner had no doubt: “A little bit of Primary sufferingYou can almost win the game at the last minute. This is football. Suffering it's normalIt's not like we can conquer the world. Painting in Udine an excellent result“.

Monday evening standings, after Roma's clear victory over Cagliari, illustrated Monza is 12th at +11 in the hot zone. With 29 points currently, the red and white team is 3 points away from the safety share in the last tournament. The Bianconeri's rivals remained 10 points clear: the missed opportunity was undoubtedly attributable to Pereira and his teammates and not to the red and white team.

And the papo?

Adriano Galliani is back to talking about it Papo Gomez: The status of the Argentine talent, who played two matches for the red and white before being suddenly excluded for two years, is awaited Hearing on February 12: “Hopefully we know something about Half a month. We know it doesn't depend on us.” He finished Galliani.

teased on future From the technician Rafael PalladinoRed and white cum blocks: “We will talk at the end of the tournament: these are the agreements. Does the tournament end on May 26? So we will see each other on May 27…”

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