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State of play for PS5 Very soon, for many well-known leakers: Then –

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A well-known leaker AccountNGT said via Twitter that a new file PS5 Custom Game Status coming. The leaker said he knows a lot of information about the PlayStation event and is ready to share it. Tom Henderson also supported these rumors, stating that everything will happen in February 2022.

AccountNGT shared this information recently Question and Answer Conducted on Twitter with his followers. When asked “Any news about the PlayStation event earlier this year?” NGT replied, “It’s on its way, and I’ll have a lot more information to share when it’s announced.”

NGT previously shared the name and images of the new Quantic Dreams game, Star Wars Eclipse. For this reason, it is a reliable source, at least for the time being. As NGT stated that “Tom Henderson He has personally assured me that the PS5 event will be taking place soon. Henderson, in case you didn’t know him, is a well-known insider in the gaming industry, especially when it comes to leaks related to Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Then, Henderson himself also posted a tweet, which you can see below, in which he said: “Current rumors put the next Sony event in February, based on this month’s media events and past dates. PlayStation events. It’s likely the state of play, but it’s It’s probably too big in my opinion.”

As always, while it is true that these are reliable sources, we remember that we are talking about them Common It is not official information. It may be that what they report is incorrect or, simply put, Sony may decide to move the state of play for internal problems or partner needs.

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However, it’s been about three months since the previous event, so it’s plausible that Sony won’t stay silent for much longer, especially with games like Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and God of War Ragnarok coming out this year.

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