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Star Wars, why do fans hate the prequel trilogy? George Lucas has his say!

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The Star Wars prequel trilogy has been the subject of harsh criticism from supporters of the saga born from the imagination of George Lucas for 25 years (when The Phantom Menace was released). The latter, on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, broke his silence and explained why, in his opinion, the debates had no meaning.

What’s called Prequel trilogy to star Wars – which includes Episode 1 – The Phantom Threat (1999), Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones (2002) e Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) – controversial by definition. The public reception was mixed, to say the least, and even today, it sparks heated debate. In terms of purists of the saga, for whom Original trilogy It will always be out of reach. And on the other hand, those who, on the contrary, appreciated the origin story – and the tragically down-to-earth ideal – of the young man. Anakin Skywalker. But what do you think? George LucasThat you really wanted the first three episodes?

“It had to be Film for 12 year olds Who were going through puberty – admitted to creating Star Wars It was 2024where he got Honorary Palme d’Or – Who don’t know what to do and ask themselves all the big questions: What should I be worried about? What is important in life? And Star Wars has all of these things. “They’re buried there but you definitely understand that, especially if you’re young.”

Various factors disappointed a large segment of the public. Invasion special effects, often at the expense of narrative; The political element placed before the hard-hitting, pure adventure is a crucial element in the original films; Finally, the biggest scapegoat: Jar Jar Binks. The clumsy Gunjan, played by him Ahmed Bestwas the first live-action film character created with Motion capture technology. He may also be the first to be Slaughter on the Internetas narrated by his own translator.

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“Everyone said the same thing about him C3-PO – Lucas commented – He is annoying and we should get rid of him. And when I made the third part, he was there Ewoks: ‘Those little bears. This is a kids movie, we don’t want to see a kids movie. I answered: It’s a children’s movie. “It’s always been a kids’ movie.”

The director also focused on the sequels that were produced After Lucasfilm was sold to DisneyHe admitted that many of his original ideas for Episodes 7, 8 and 9 were “lost”. The reference is obviously to the movies The force awakens (2015), The last jedi (2017) e The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

I was the person who really knew what Star Wars was… and who really knew this world, because there was so much to be said. Power, for example, no one understood. When they started others [sequel, ndr] After I sold the company, I lost many of the ideas I had originally. But that’s how things are. You give up, you give up.

As it should be, therefore, George Lucas He unhesitatingly sides with the supporters of the previous trilogy, and outlines how this one tells exactly the stories it wants to tell. By defining them as “children’s films,” the producer does not intend to belittle the films, but rather to emphasize how they can be criticized. Those who were kids when the original movies came out. But today they are adults. Their scale has necessarily changed, making them less vulnerable and more dangerous.

It’s the same mechanism that involved those who were kids when it first appeared in cinemas there Prequel trilogy. Today, 25 years later The imaginary threatNot only do they mistreat her, but they remember her with pleasure and affection. It is no coincidence, in this regard, that the film has returned to theaters Liam Neeson And Ewan McGregor – On the occasion of its anniversary – it grossed $8,500,000 in the United States in just two days, beating United By Luca Guadagnino.

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