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“Everyone has the same right to win”

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Manila scolds Lulu and Jessica for wanting to win over as Big Brother.

desire Jessica and Lou Selassie Desire to reach Big Brother Vip Conclusion Upset Manila Nazarote. The latter, in fact, has decided to confront Girlfriend of Manuel Borzozo To clarify her position and warn her about her behavior.

Manila Nazzaro’s criticism of the Selassie sisters

“You who always want to be right in the end make people nervous” He said Manila to lulu He criticizes his usual ways big brother vip “Shut up now and then. You have to listen and at this very moment you have to pay more attention.”. The blonde presenter advised the young princess to take care of her behavior because in the end she risks ruining her own path.

there Nazareth keep scolding her Selassie sisters for them Desire to win vip Gf: “Everyone here has the same right.”. “We did this gesture for you. I love you and Jessica, and that’s why I feel so bad.” he added Mirjana Trevisan In reference to the relationship that was born at home between her and the princesses.

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“We’ve always loved and protected you, don’t you think we’re doing that now?!” he added Manilarepeating the affection he feels for him Selassie sisters. I remember that tonight Jessica on TV with Mirjana and David Silvestri. Who, out of the three, will have to leave the game one step away from him the last?

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