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C Football Live Cesena Monopoly 0-2 Live Streaming

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Cesina Monopoly 0-2

Cesena (4-3-2-1): nardy; Ciofi, Gonnelli, Allievi, and Calderoni; Ardizzone (21′ st Missiroli), Steffè, Ilari; Catorano (22′ Saint Benedetini), Perini; Bortolosi (21′ Saint Petarello). On the bench: Candela, Venturini, Faval, Pogliano, Rigoni, Berti, Zika, Fraser, Tonin. Coach: William Viale.

Monopoly (3-5-2): Luria; Arena, Bizzotto, Mercadante; Viteritti, Piccinni (30′ st Hamlili), Vassallo, Bussaglia (18′ st Langella), Guiebre; Grandolfo (30′ st Starita), Borelli. On the bench: Guido, Pampianchi, Fornacier, Romano, Moroni, Nina, Novella, Rossi, D’Agostino. Coach: Alberto Colombo.

Referee: May Lodi.

NET: 12′ pt Gonnelli (aut.), 23′ st Mercadante (rig.)

Warnings: Borelli, Piccini

Matroud: 22nd Street Nardy

Notes: Corners are 1-3. Onlookers 8,124.

30′ St Hamelli for Bixini and Starita for Grandolfo, double change at Monopoli.

23′ Double from Monopoly. Benedettini senses a Mercadante penalty but does not avoid 0-2: Cesena is at 10 and at the moment is out of the playoffs.

22 ′ Saint Benedettini enters the place of Catorano.

21′ Monopoly penalty and red for Nardi. A hard ball from Allevi to his goalkeeper who stumbles, Borelli steals it from him and he is sent off. Expulsion is inevitable.

20 ‘st Double change in Cesena: Pittarello for Bortolussi and Missiroli for Ardizzone.

19′ Saint Pyrenees goes away fast to Piccinni, who flattens it and takes on yellow.

18 Monopoli’s first change: outside Bussaglia, inside Langella.

11′ cross from Calderoni, Elari turns with his back to goal and kicks but hits very poorly and the ball ends up comfortably in Luria’s hands.

7’st Perini gets a penalty near the flag, but he kicks really badly and the ball gets lost underneath.

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3′ st Monopoly penalty that no two reach with a hair, same fate on a left cross cross. Chills Cesena.

1 ‘will start again, no change between the two teams

Cattorano’s free kick 46′ from about ten metres is the mirror of Cesena’s first half, which ends with the Bianconeri losing 0-1.

45′ pt one minute of recovery.

45′ point penalty for hitting near the flag by Perini, Alevi runs away but sends high.

39 ‘pt Ardizzone takes a quarter of an hour to organize the restart: the first whistles begin to sound from the stands.

38′ pt Botta From a distance of Veteretti, a nardy touch and a new guest corner.

Insidious’s 36-point ball was put in the middle by Mercadante who, after a missed Borelli deflection, nearly surprised Nardi.

35′ Point Grandolfo tries to strike from outside, left-handed swerve for corner kick.

33′ Point Cesena is unable to pass two passes in a row. Right now, by posting the worst home run in the first half of the season.

29′ point Another good job for Monopoly ended with a slightly elevated Borelli race car.

26 points Elari tries to shoot poorly, Cattorano throws the ball but commits a foul on outgoing Loria

20 points from Sponda di Grandolfo for Vassallo who sends at just over 20 metres. Cesena is in obvious difficulty.

19 points Perini excels at searching for the far post, finding the door only slightly.

17′ pt Pierini’s Blaze, distributed by Borrelli over 20 metres: a yellow card and a fun free kick for Cesena.

Monopoly 12′ point in advantage. Mercadante cross pass from the left and Junelli, trying to release him, pushed his goalkeeper with a ramshackle header as well as an impenetrable header.

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11 ′ Cesena Point is very monotonous

Crap 5′ pt Ilari who gave the ball just after halfway, a series of passes that led to a Grandolfo shot, high ball

Cesena’s defense was surprised by 3 points with a shot from the back of the ring, Borelli kicked into the net, but Gonelly went against the wall.

1′ point starts.

Midfield teams with referee Maggio.

Nice look at Manuzzi, with Mare curve selling.

A delegation from the new Primavera, winner of the Super Cup in this category, took to the field.

Warm spring evenings at Manuzzi as Monopoli begins to warm up.

Viale again selects a starting striker for Bortolosi in attack, while Colombo Borelli reinforces a striker from the start.

Cesena is looking for a pass to the second round at Manuzzi (8.45pm) one evening with a qualifying crowd. The Bianconeri are veterans of winning (1-2) in the first leg in Monopoly, and by virtue of their top ranking, Cesena reach the quarter-finals if they win, and if they draw and lose on goal difference (0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3- 4 …). Possible formations under the orders of referee Maggio de Lodi.

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