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Standard, field jurist: ”Betting? Football needs a cultural revolution’ – Football

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From a football to a toga and even a pen. William StandardThe former defender, who grew up in Napoli and made more than 200 Serie A appearances during his career, always had clear ideas. Achieve Law degree at the peak of sporting activity (a rather rare case among footballers), He then passed the state examination as a barrister and, once he hung up his boots, began his university career, becoming a lecturer on the University’s Sports Law and Management course. Luis Guido Carli. But football has always remained present in Stenardo’s life: currently, in addition to being a sports commentator for Rai, he is also the coach of the same university’s team, active in Lazio Iselenza. His first book was also released a few days ago, with the decidedly autobiographical title “The jurist enters the field“, which is based on the university course of the same name. In the volume enriched by the President of CONI’s introduction Giovanni Malago And from numerous interviews, including those conducted with the President of the Italian Football Federation Gabriel GravinaWe talk about various sporting issues, especially those reforms that should improve the world of football and its moral value.

How and when did the idea of ​​writing the book come about?

“I wanted to bring together all the topics covered during the two-year Sports Law and Management course ‘The Jurist Enters the Field’, from which the book takes its title. We have dealt with the key topics of sport through important testimonies from people who have experienced these topics first-hand, such as the President of CONI, Giovanni Malago, the President of the Italian Football Federation, Gabriele Gravina, and the Presidents of Salernitana and Lecce, Danilo Iervolino and Saverio. Steci Damiani, FIFA agent Federico Pastorello. “By integrating these figures with the issues addressed, such as the reform of sports agents, solvency, stability and sustainability in the world of football, a theoretical and practical part emerged in the book relating specifically to these interventions that took place in the classroom.”

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The betting scandal is just the latest football scandal. What could prompt a footballer, despite his many privileges, to break the rules?

“Football is the third most important business in our country, with a turnover of billions of euros and representing 0.58% of GDP. For this reason it requires different skills than in the past. If we imagine that in the last 15 years about 150 companies have gone bankrupt, this means that There is an administrative management that is not in line with what it should be in the modern era, i.e. based on specific and sufficient skills. Football must regain its moral and social function. With regard to betting, the player may not bet because it is prohibited under Articles 24 and 25 of the Sports Justice Act. He has a responsibility and cannot do without exemplary behaviour. So, if there are mistakes, it is right that you pay for them. Normal sport and justice will take their course, but I think we need to start with a cultural revolution. To do this, football and sport in general need competence and training Because today’s training is tomorrow’s society.

In this matter, how much responsibility do companies bear?

“Clubs have a duty to monitor their members because we know very well what strict liability can entail. Of course, it is not possible to access the private lives of all athletes, but they can adopt models to prevent certain behavior and be a supervisory and controlling body.”

How is your experience as a coach for Lewis?
“It is a pleasure to coach a group of special children, it is a dual professional project that tries to combine sport and study, in a little American style. The goal through sport is to find all those basic skills such as respect for rules, sacrifice and merit. So the project aims to invest In the values ​​of sport that can serve tomorrow’s society.”

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A coach, but also a jurist, teacher and sports commentator. Do you see yourself in any specific field in the future?
“I can’t know what will happen to me in a few years, but I feel lucky to make my passion my job. I try to do everything with passion and determination, and then each person has his own destiny. A man proposes and God disposes.”

Post-Spalletti in Naples. Is it normal to have these difficulties?

“To make a comparison with Napoli last season would be a mistake, so what happened last year is unbelievable. The team did not win, they won the championship by a landslide, and everyone, from the players to the coach, from the managers to the fans, exceeded their capabilities and expectations. Now we need time.” “It will be a difficult tournament and we need a little calm.”

As a former Atalanta player, did you expect this exploit from Gasperini’s team?

“Atalanta is a reference model, not only in Italy but also in Europe. President Percassi has already glimpsed this medium-term project years ago by investing in its own stadium, sports centre, nursery and international scouting. A coach like Gasperini has everything to do the job.” excellent.”

Does Lazio face difficulty managing the two competitions?

“Playing in Europe is different from Italy as you have to play on the field every three days. It is more demanding, as the coach struggles to find continuity during the week and the technical, tactical and physical level rises. Lazio is fulfilling its expectations. It did not start well in the league, but in the Champions League what “They are still in a position to qualify.”

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