December 5, 2023

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Spezia opposes blasphemy without a sound, the Frattesi – Calcio affair

Spezia opposes blasphemy without a sound, the Frattesi – Calcio affair

(ANSA) – LA SPESIA, May 03 – La Spezia will file a complaint against the disqualification of goalkeeper Ivan Providel that the sports judge, on the recommendation of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, signed “with a blasphemous expression, identifiable without a reasonable margin of doubt”, During the match prepared Lazio. The event could have happened in the ninth minute of the second half, right after the 2-2 momentary goal scored by the guests. However, the player objects to the lip-reading from which the circumstance is inferred, given that there is no audio recording of the alleged error.

Therefore, the lawyers of the Ligurian club will appeal the precedent of last November, which belongs to Sassuolo player David Frattisi. Also in this case, as in the case with the goalkeeper of Spezia, there was no audio recording of the alleged blasphemy, which was inferred only from lip-reading. The thesis was contested in the Emilian appeal, according to which the midfielder uttered the phrase “porco uncio”, and that the Court of Sports Appeals deemed it “supported by equal margins of doubt by technical advisory reports in the proceedings”. The device, signed by President Umberto Maillo on November 30, 2021, considered the lip “subject to a different interpretation”, thus canceling the disqualification.


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