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hockey. Fourth victory of the season for CP Grosseto’s Under-11s

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GrossetoFourth win of the season Under 11 from Babene Ski Club, which went on to beat the Tipografia Senesi Prato track (5-2). Young athletes Fabio Bellan, returning from an impressive third place at the Scandiano International, cleared things up thanks to two Spinoza goals and one from Amerigui in less than three minutes. They closed the first break and at the beginning of the second half they also found the third goal. 2. Grosseto, with Alice Sorbo (7th goal of the year) and Tommaso Spinoza (with a hat-trick of 17 goals) allowed the reds and whites to reach the goal in a calm manner. In the standings they remained in fifth place with thirteen points, two lengths behind Viareggio.

• U11, Tipografia Senesi-Papini Grosseto 2-5

Prato: Picci; Bianchi (2), Bruno, Castagnozzi, Mazzoni, Rosati, Santicioli, Pacini, Fieramosca. Coach Jacopo Ragioli.

Babene Grosto: Sinjari. Alice Sorbo (1), Bourdain, Gabriel Sorbo, Amerigui (1), Ogozzoni, Spinoza (3). Coach Fabio Bellan.

Referee: David Boley.

The Allauto Davitti is under the age of 13 The battleship Gama Sarzana was frightened at first, but in the second half they had to succumb to the superiority of Gregorio Tonelli (five goals, for a total of 32) and his comrades. Circolo Battatori also took the lead after three minutes thanks to Lorenzo Torbanti, but just a minute later Tonelli equalized. However, CP Grosseto managed to stay in the match thanks to Turbanti, author of 2-2, and Cornacchini, who signed 4-3. He finished the first half with a score of 5-3, and Sarzana dominated in the second half, not allowing Stefano Baggi’s sons, champions of a good match, to get too close.

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• U13, Gamma Sarzana-Tutauto Davitti Cp Grosseto 8-5

Sarzana: Croca; Lucci, Fabi (1), Traina, Gabelloni (2), Tonelli (5). Andrea Peroni flock.

Daveti Grosto: Cingari, Conte; Tonini, Converted Man (1), Busello, Cornacini (1), Boni, Turbanes (2), Civitares (1). Stefano Baggi flock.

Referee: Matteo Righetti.

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