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Spazio Talent-Luceno 1-3, commentary and report card –

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Space Talent Football – Lucento 1-3
Scorers: 12′ pt Pardi (L), 32′ pt Novara (L), 15′ st Amo (S), 44′ st Bertero (L).
Space football talent: Sufaj (15′ st Borinato), Di Lorenzo, Bulfaro (1′ st Gonzales), Alesso, Rossi, Tang, Zaccagnino, Chirico (39′ st Lonegro), Ojeake (38′ st Rubat), Amo, Monday. Available Doria, Cisse, Puma, Osazawa. everyone.
garish: Lucy, Della Corte, Delle Calici, Smorgon, Arfaoui, Ferla, Caputo, Geras (4’st Almondo), Bardi (26’st Negro), Bonzano (31’st Chica), Novara (38’st Bertero). Available: Kolomites, Khorasan, Le Rizzo, Ikeh. All: Pierrot.
to rule: Angelo Turin.
NB: Yellow cards Delli Calici (L), Arfaoui (L), Gonzales (S), Ponzano (L).

Turin – Lucento pass convincingly. Which won 3-1 at the Spazio Talent, overturning the initial advantage of the away team. The first half was dominated by the guests who managed to get it up to 2 – 0, after the break instead STS tried every way to win back the game until they scored a goal and put Lucento in a corner but substitute Bertero got his team back on track and allowed his team to return the three points . The first attacking action sees Gerace advance down the right and place the ball in the middle which Sufaj vehemently rejected at the feet of Pardi who scored on the rebound and gave Lucento the lead. In the 14th minute Bardee tried again with a shot that went over the crossbar. STS wasn’t fit, and in the 27th minute after an unconvincing delay from Lucy, Zaccagnino found himself in front of the goalkeeper after an excellent cross with a great chance of returning the ball to the defect but he choked the ball a lot in the far direction. another and ended next to the pole. In the thirty-second minute, Lucento doubles the ball, which cuts the entire field from the right and finds Novara ready to anticipate Di Lorenzo’s mark and score.
Back on the field, coach Mugavero’s players change gears and in the 12th minute Ojek earns a free kick from an excellent position to try to shorten the distance with the opponents but Amu hits a very high ball. The owners remain very attacking and win 3 corners in a row, and at the end of these corners comes Jura Amo, who shortens the lengths to climb to one to catch Lucento again. In the 24th minute, STS creates a similar chance to score from another corner kick that Amo gets headed in but the ball just goes out. However, the greatest chance to equalize came in the 28th minute with Zakagnino’s cross from the left that found Ojiki’s header who found himself completely alone in the middle of the area but he headed at a large angle and the ball came out sensationally. A minute from the end, on one of Lucento’s few occasions in the second half, Negro advanced the ball to the trocar and widened towards Almondo who put an excellent ball into the middle of the area, finding Bertero winning first at the near post. And closes the match.

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Space football talent
Grade 5.5: Unfortunately for him the mistake on the first goal is his fault, otherwise he behaves well. (15′ st Borinato 6: he got more involved in the offensive phase rather than the defensive phase, outrunning many positions allowing his team to move up with a numerical majority).
Lorenzo 5.5: Novara gets lost on the cover wing and is punished by the attacker
Polaro 6: He progresses well on the wing. (1’st Gonzales 6: takes an active part in the offensive maneuver).
Alex 6: Match enough for him.
red 6: Makes his character in the defensive phase.
Tang 6: He runs the defense discreetly.
Zakaggnino 6.5: He was a bit dull in the first half, after the break he takes excellent corner kicks and always produces accurate crosses.
Chirico 5.5: He is rarely seen in the middle of the field. (39′ st Lonegro sv).
OGIC 5.5: A lot is lost in front of goal. (38 ‘st Rubat sv).
I like 7: In the first half he does the dirty work by recovering balls and in the second he directs the attacking phase among his teammates and also scores the goal.
Monday 6.5: Try to push and put your opponents on the wing in difficulty.

Los 6: Takes 3 goals but is free from errors.
Court 6.5: Always excellent reading and progression.
6.5 Deli Cups: Covers well in defense and improves in attack.
Smorgon 6: He handles the ball with good technique.
Arfawy 6.5: Ojeake doesn’t let his breath down his neck throughout the game.
Ferla 6: Create a good dribbling.
Chapter 6: His plays put his opponents in difficulty.
Geras 6: He runs good balls in the middle of the field. (4’st Almondo 6.5: excellent assist).
Panthers 6.5: He finds the target that opens the ball, otherwise his teammates find him only a few times. (26′ st Negro 6.5: enters the match immediately).
Bonzano 6: Try to invent in the middle of the field. (31′ st Checa 5.5: little seen in match).
Novara. (38′ st Bertero 7: score the goal that concludes the game very calmly).

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