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Spazio Bretelli for Air Max Day

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Saturday afternoon appointment in Riccione

Rexion (Rn) – Nike choose Pretelli space to celebrateAir Max.

The famous American company has identified some exclusive stores in Italy to tell us about its historical shoe style, the dream of a collector and sneaker addict, on the occasion of March 26the day Nike celebrates the birth of the legendary Nike Air Max every year: a date that has, over time, become a global event when the 2022 model will be revealed.

born in 1987 from a hunch Tinker HatfieldAir Max revolutionized the footwear world by instantly establishing itself in pop culture. The model stood out in particular as being the first example of unity air – The inner tube – visible, an inspiration that came to Hatfield when visiting the Center Pompidou in Paris.

Spazio Bretelli, among the few in Italy with the most exclusive Nike collection, has chosen to honor the Air Max 2022 by producing a short film, directed by Marco Silotti, who has her coast background, spent children’s afternoons with sea pals chasing a ball between pastel cabins, mother yelling and calling, bowlers. A completely new cut compared to commercials and classic sports-themed fashion films, which takes a more cinematic direction by engaging in the magical and poetic short story genre.

Selected locations for filming go From Cervia to CattolicaThe ambiance is classic and with the authentic flavor of the first sunny days at the beach, the faces, and the accents, are unmistakable in Romania. A careful stylistic choice to tell a story that is relevant to the world has brought to light the identity and suggestions of the region in which Spazio Pritelli was born and raised.

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The video will be shown Saturday 26 March In store salty water In Riccione (viale Gramsci, 3) with a unique event, which begins at 5.30 pm, sees the DJ set of Paradiso Club with a special guest randomThe film and actors were presented by the director and Release it in the storeThe possibility of purchasing the shoes in the preview directly in the store.

Once presented at the world premiere in Riccione, the video will be posted online on all channels of the Pritelli Group and will participate in international fashion film festivals.

Marco Siloti is a director of Romanian origin.

Having completed his university training between Bologna and Verona and his entire career, he moved to London where, as a freelancer, he began filming his first campaigns. In 2019 he returned to Italy and participated in the ASVOFF11 fashion festival in Paris, winning first prize with his personal project. Alice. After moving to Milan, he continued his career as a director, devoting himself to the world of fashion. In 2020 the project realized Otto Walida, published in Vogue Italia. In 2021 he continued to specialize in the comedy genre, earning a professorship at the IED and creating the Milanosulset Instagram profile, his satirical arrogance.

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