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Preserved in Canada thanks to Piatina Romagnola PGI Ceta

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Piadina Romagnola PGI is protected in the Canadian market. Trademarks are included in the list of protected geographical indicators recognized by law, in accordance with the Trade Agreement between the European Union and the largest state of the North American continent (Ceta), which eliminates obligations and “protects” agriculture. Food items from the risk of counterfeiting (Italian sound). In fact, from now on, Piatina Romagnola PGI will be an irrelevant product in the large Canadian market, with respect to four traditional products (flour, water, salt, fat or lard or oil). Competent systems of Canada.

The initiative was promoted by Piatina Romagnola IGP’s Federation for the Promotion and Defense, which was in operation ten months ago with the technical support of Origin Italy.

An attempt to counterfeit Piatina in Canada in September 2018 prompted the Federation in this direction. On that occasion, an application was filed by an individual to distinguish Italian-style sandwiches from the Canadian trademark “La Piatina” trademark. And catering services Basically, if the trademark was registered, it would have been the exclusive prerogative of the “Piadina” applicant in the Canadian territory. Against this hypothesis, the Federation decided to oppose the request through appropriate legal mechanisms, with the Canadian Industrial Property Office (May 2019) reaching a favorable conclusion by canceling the application for registration of the Pyatina trademark.

The process for obtaining the protection of Piedina Romagnola PGI in Canada, which began in the first months of 2021, is long and complicated. Origin Italia was managed by the legal department, which took place at various stages. In order to obtain the green light from the Canadian authorities and to strengthen the security of Piatina Romagnola PGI in Canada, it is necessary to start from the initial stage of collecting the required number of documents for the Canadian authorities to submit the application. Then, when considering the application for registration go into a phase conversation with the competent authorities, who, after careful review by the experts, publish the value in the trademark magazine and then add the value. List of protected geographical codes in Canada

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Therefore, this important milestone allows the Confederation to guarantee enhanced legal protection of the recorded valuation than is always necessary in a strategic market such as the Canadian.

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