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Spalletti ‘Osimhen’s absence carries a lot of weight, but we won even without him’ – Football

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(ANSA) – Napoli, April 01 – ‘Osimhin’s absence is certainly heavy, but it’s also true that when he’s out this team has always been able to make up for it. Every member of the team gave something extra for Napoli to go out and play the same game as always.”

Luciano Spalletti feels sad about the injury of the Nigerian striker, but he believes in the qualities of the team, especially Simeone, who will replace him in tomorrow night’s match against Milan in “Maradona”.

“The difference – he explains – was made by players like Simeone because he knows his job, he is one of those who know that football is not only played with the feet, but also with the head, and he entered very well right away. The character and the role he was supposed to play ”.

Spalletti concludes, “When a person is intelligent, he is equally capable of achieving significant results though there are small slices of possibilities but he knows he must exploit them.

In terms of play, it does not change much because Cholito is slower than Osimhen, but he is very good at playing aerially, like inside the area, with his back to the goal, and knows how to protect and advance dialogue with the team. So we’re good for that.” (handle).

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