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Flexible space, at the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin

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From the collaboration between MAO – Museum of Oriental Art in Turin and t-space, an exhibition space founded in Milan in 2016 by Julia Sprivico and Roy Wubirth t-space x MAOa new project that is part of a broader renovation phase inaugurated by the Museum of Turin, directed by David Quadrio, with “#MAOPresentTime”. In the programme, a series of contemporary artists who will present, month after month, unpublished works created from the museum’s permanent collections, with the aim of confronting the works to reveal new meanings and to open up possibilities for dialogue between the past and the present.

The Fervor, WarshadFilm, Installation view, © t-space studio

The t-space, which embodies the founders’ desire to create a place that makes artistic activity sustainable, has found another home, taking shape, in the new union, as a research space embedded in a museum. Slogan of a new inauguration of the Turin Foundation for Artistic and Creative Activities Through a bespoke program of residencies in the artistic and curatorial fields, the t-space X MAO is a new flexible space in which the persons concerned are invited to reside in collections and exhibition spaces, “organizing” the museum, almost transforming it into a representational work.

Queen of thieves. Speech by Phoolan Devi 2001-2022, Silvia Morin, Installation view © t-space studio

The MAO space has transformed over the years into a planning and discussion space capable of promoting exchanges between artists and audiences, never giving up its own characteristics, even in the new location: welcoming and sharing. Thus, visitors will be able to take a break, drink tea and meet artists and performers by participating in events scheduled from October 2022 to June 2023. In the first attempt to house the rooms of the collective museum Warshad movie – which is back a hybrid installation, where cinema and photography dialogue with the rooms of the museum and with the works on display – followed, starting from December 16, a project Sylvia Morin which they will succeed in later Gian Marco Porro, Massimo Grimaldi, Jacopo Miliani and Studio Fuzao.

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Il Canto del Capro, Gian Marco Porro Video still image, courtesy of the artist and t-space

A bridge between different worlds and cultures, the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin, which collects, preserves and exhibits to the public important works of historical and artistic production of Asian societies, acts as a mediating tool for visitors, far but also parallel. Concepts and the cultural environment to which the exhibited works refer.

Active until September 2023, t-space x MAO reflects, thanks to the presence of the works of Italian and international visual artists and performers in dialogue with the Museum’s collections, the desire to inspire new forms of thinking and representation in the visitor, fully aware of the value of every expression of human genius.

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