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From games to work, there is room for everything in the Facebook Metaverse

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We have heard about Facebook Metaverse. The American giant is actually focusing its resources and efforts on creating a digital world that can connect people, create new jobs, and expand horizons on the entertainment front.
But what does all this mean in practice? Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the Facebook group, explained this during Connect Facebook 2021.

Is Facebook Metaverse the future?

Before we understand how Facebook social networking site will fill metaverso We have to understand what exactly it is.
Zuckerberg’s vision comes straight out of science fiction and promises to revolutionize the web. In fact, today we access the Internet with devices that still care about reality and use some kind of display to navigate. Finally, Today’s two-dimensional network.
Facebook wants to change it In a three-dimensional space You can live in it and share it with others. Likes? Wears virtual reality headset And direct your avatar into this alternate reality.

This doesn’t mean you live wearing a VR headset, don’t worry. The metaverse will include the . extension augmented reality – ensuring a greater commitment to your surroundings – e We will also expect traditional use, That is, with a normal two-dimensional screen.

Obviously, we’re talking about something we’ve only seen so far in movies, TV series or cartoons. Something that cannot and should not be the prerogative of one company. So Facebook will invest heavily in its creation but trust in the support of other companies and creators from around the world.

Of course, all this will not be built in a few days or months. To give shape to the Metaverse, as Zuckerberg and his associates imagined it, it would take At least a decade ago But it seems that the company believes in it very much and is willing to bet that this virtual universe will be able to provide new inputs to the network, Offer job opportunities and remove internet restrictions today.

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From play to productivity

So far we have a link Quest Oculus – VR viewer on Facebook – for video games. A combination that actually came with all of these devices, and was born with the promise of delivering a truly immersive gaming experience to fans.
And now? Facebook will continue to support and motivate developers with the goal of bringing increasingly captivating and complex titles to Quest, such as VR version of GTA San Andreas, But in the meantime, he will team up with other realities to turn the viewer into a A product suitable for every activity and every user.

This is evidenced by the arrival of customized requests not only to Consultation with social networks – Facebook and Instagram primarily – but also for productivity. In fact, you will be able to access files drop box to recover your files oa slack To connect with your team and this of course is only the beginning. In fact, the company announced its support for PWA (Progressive Web Application), i.e. those hybrid applications, halfway between the web page and the actual application. A novelty that will facilitate portability to the Oculus, and thus within the metaverse.

All of this will be manageable starting with the new Oculus homepage: Horizon Home. here you can Create your virtual space, A space to host and leave friends. In fact, once the group gathers, you can all get to the same experience together, just as if you were climbing together by car to get to the same place.
Are you already running the Oculus Quest 2 to dive into the Horizon Home? Curb the Enthusiasm: You’ll have to wait a few more months before trying out the new home.

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However, the news does not end there: Facebook also promises improve avatars, With a completely new and comprehensive management and customization system and capability body movement tracking To take them to the virtual world.

Fitness evolves

Fitness will also change the face in the metaverse, allowing you to train in the company without leaving your home.
To do this, however, you will need the appropriate equipment. Then it reaches the market l’Active package per task 2 Which includes accessories for controllers that help you gain more resistance during exercise and a face mask that’s easy to clean and more comfortable to use.

Developer nightmare?

Do not panic. If you belong in the ranks of developers, know that they are on the way New API groups to help you access the metaverse.

Developers will also be able to rely on Support for Unreal Engine 4 and Unity as well as the new attendance platform, A tool that will help apps understand the room you are in and thus calibrate the experience while using Mixed Reality.

Coming there tooInsight SDK, which will help to place virtual objects in real spaces, l’Interaction SDK, to improve hand tracking and introduce new features, and SDK audio, To manage the virtual environment through voice commands.

The Cambria project, the upcoming Oculus

But the hardware? For now, the main renderer remains Quest 2 but Facebook is working on a new device. Code name: Cambria Project.

will be a product He will outperform all other viewers in the market With features never seen before: the possibility of Mimic the user’s real facial expressions to that from pAccurately create virtual objects, Taking into account depth and perspective.
Come then there too new optics Which will improve visual fidelity.

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To find out more, we’ll have to wait until next year.

But changing the advertised name too often?

Facebook Connect 2021 was to be the stage in which Zuckerberg’s new identity would be launched. And no, we were not disappointed.
We won’t be in front of a Facebook group anymore but a dead, a company that will have many divisions, including those dedicated to its most popular applications.
A path similar to that taken by Google with the launch of Alphabet reflects the ambitions of a company that, despite the constant earthquakes I see as the protagonist, has no intention of stopping it.

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