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Space talent Valle de Sousa 0-4-

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Poker outside for Valle di Susa

Space talent football – Val de Sousa 0-4

Scorers: pt 32′ pen, 36′ e st 32′ Bellanova (VS), 8′ st Barresi (VS).

Talent Space (3-4-3): Bonamico, Cesale, Curea (32′ st Ravazzani), Pinzuti, Pileci, Barberis, Chucks (4′ st Clames), Stasi, Alexa (10′ st Gabriel), Cristian (16′ st Ciucci), Prykhodko (35′ st Tosatto ). Gelaz available. All: Navalenka.

Val de Souza (4-3-3): Scarlato (34′ st Codreanu), Sigot, Larosa, Pupo, Campo, Portioli (33′ st Coluccia), Ruffino, Renatini (18′ st Dal Zot), Barresi, Bellanova, Moubtassim (32′ st Shala). All: Hardy.

note: Adam. Pileci (STS), Adm. Barry (against).

The match between Spazio Talent Soccer and Val di Susa begins in a fairly balanced way, played in the stadium of players in Juventus uniform. He missed many chances for both teams, in a solid but inaccurate and unconvincing attacking formation in the penalty area, with room for improvement starting from the second half of the first half. At the end of the first 35 minutes of the match, the home team’s goal was scored twice in short time, once from a penalty kick and a second time from empty play, on both occasions, the signature of Bellanova, the number 10 of Susa Valley. Then the second half begins with a top-down style of play, with simple and inherent passes, while the opponents increase their pace in midfield and attack, trying to recover the initial disadvantage. Spazio Talent relies on a rich list of players available to revive the morale of the boys on the field, but even this is not enough to control the game in the hands of the opponents who, with two more goals from Barresi and Bellanova win today’s match of the tournament with a score of 4 to 0 despite a heavy absence due to transient influenza.

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report cards
talent space
Bunamiko 6: Less accurate than his opponent on the other side of the field, his exits are dictated by rushing to prevent a solitary launch of Val de Sousa’s attack. However, these options leave the goal empty more than once, in the midst of recovering the ball from the rebound
6.5 will remove: Good coverage in defence.
6.5 treatment: Quick and methodical choices in the game in favor of his team (32 ‘st Ravazzani sv).
Pinzutti 6: You have to keep control of the ball.
pile 6: Hasty play determined by the advantage on the part of the opponents, must be more patient.
Barberis 6.5: The Black and White Captain is aggressive but respectful of his opponents, faster than many of the opponents he faces.
Cartridges 6: Not taking advantage of the empty spaces left by the opposition defense, he must direct control in the direction of the goal (4 ‘st Oysters 6.5: Good management of the game from the outside).
Slack 6.5: Good play from the beginning of the game until the end.
Alexa 6: Effective in attack, with some difficulty reaching the opponent’s goal and closing (10′ st Gabriel 6: normal performance).
Christian 6: Dangerous in the attacking business, he is a prospect who is struggling to show himself (16′ st 6 pacifiers: normal performance).
Prekhedko 6.5: A good performer, he is heavily involved in finalizing game schemes starting from midfield. I felt his determination in the second half, as he played surrounded by three defenders (35′ st Tosatto sv).

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Susa Valley
Scarlet 6.5: His timely intervention outside his safety zone, preventing the last attacker from safely reaching the target (34 ‘st Codreanu Sv).
siggott 6.5: Good tackles in sliding.
Larosa 6.5: You need to improve coverage of your areas of expertise.
6.5 child: He was a bit dull in the first half, and proved an excellent teammate in midfield.
Field 6.5: Good support in the midfield with accurate construction.
Portioli 6.5: He responds well to rebounds and attacks the goal without much hesitation (33 ‘st Coluccia sv).
Rufinos 6.5: Cooperation in controlling the game without much risk.
My ringtone 6.5: Always ready to start over on the counterattack (18 ‘st From Zot6: normal performance).
Barry 7: He struggled in the first half, and was urged to step up and show his willingness to receive the ball deep. In the second half, he showed more conviction and scored a goal that confirmed his superiority over the opponent.
Bellanova 8: His plays in the attacking phase are very good, and his management of the ball allows him to send Baresi alone into the penalty area. Nothing to berate about the quality of his goals, author of a personal trilogy that brings him home with a satisfied smile.
Moatasem 6.5: A good sporting display with a backhand shot which, however, does not worry the goalkeeper Bonamiko, in general he keeps the level of play high until the very end (32 ‘ st. Shala sv).

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