November 29, 2023

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Southern Ballet, four events for the new dance season

Southern Ballet, four events for the new dance season

Lecce Theater/Apollo – October 19, 2023

The first date is Sunday, October 22, at 6pm, at the Apollo Theater in Lecce. “Eros and Pathos” in the program

Choreographer Frady Franzotti’s Southern Ballet presents itself for the 2023-2024 dance season, with four performances, starting Sunday, October 22 and for three more dates, in the following months: November, December and January. Together with the dancers, on the stage of the Teatro Apollo in Lecce, the music is performed live by the Oles Symphony Orchestra and the Brancaleone Project. The heroes also include actress Andrea Sirianni, international dance star Anna-Sophia Schiller, and prima ballerina Nuria Salado-Fusti.

So we start on Sunday, October 22nd at 6pm with ““Eros and Pathos” A show dedicated to ancient myth and legend. This is a new production that tells the myths of love and suffering. The next date is November 4 and 5 with ““bourbon moon”, the show is inspired by the poetry of Vittorio Budini, with original music by Negro and Spedicato, and in this case also performed live. On December 9 and 10, two evenings dedicated to the famous opera “Nutcracker”, in the version inspired by the works of director Tim Burton, created by Franzotti to Tchaikovsky’s famous score, and performed by the Ulysses Symphony Orchestra. The deadline is January 6 with the festive presentation.”Gayti Parisienne, Which recreates the Belle Époque atmosphere of glittering 19th century Paris.

Pre-sales to attend the four events are already open at the company’s headquarters, via Biasco 10, in Lecce, and at the Sedile information point, also in Lecce, in Piazza Sant’Oronzo. For information: 0832-453556.

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