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South Park episode by artificial intelligence

South Park episode by artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence (AI)

The mysterious author is only discovered at the end with the end credits, but clues are scattered throughout the episode, starting with the episode’s title.

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artificial intelligence (AI)

Deep learning is not a loop like any other. The fourth episode of the twenty-sixth season South Park Elementary School In fact it has been written withartificial intelligence. A metatext trick leaves clues already in the plot. A group of students discover ChatGPT, a chatbot capable of generating text thanks to AI, which is a great way to transcribe in school, and it really has (so much so that it has prompted New York schools to ban AI from all devices and public school networks). Then it only appears in the end credits”By Trey Parker and ChatGPT“.

They also explain below that some loop entries, including ChatGPT, are built with play. ht, able to accurately create sounds thanks to artificial intelligence. The plot also wryly raises, in South Park style, all the ethical issues related to new technology. Anyway, the creators of the series Trey Parker and Matt Stone They decided to try ChatGPT not only in a deep learning loop. couple creation deep voodoo, The company you just received $20 million Funding to develop technical deep fakes, cost-effective visual effects services, and original synthetic media projects.

How ChatGPT wrote Loop

ChatGPT is a program that uses artificial intelligence, which is able to answer every question asked by users, and this is the first time that such a powerful tool has been made available to the general public with a free and instant interface. Released in November of Open AISan Francisco-based artificial intelligence company. Now it will be integrated into Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, and its latest version, GPT 4, has been introduced to be more performant. “People use it to write poetry, write job applications, but what it really does is hook up with girls,” are Clyde’s words explaining what ChatGPT is during the episode, and in fact, the chatbot has already been used in Tinder chats.

LLM is enhanced with a chat interface, just type a request in the bar, press Enter, and wait for the chatbot to respond. He is versatile, intelligent, and very good at imitating human speech. It’s too good to be scary, and in fact many have raised their voices against OpenAi. His versatility has already been tested, he knows how to write Symbols, articles, treatises and even scenarios. For this reason, the creators of South Park wasted no time in deciding to test their innovative chatbot right away. There is not only ChatGPT in the market, Google has entered the field with its hero, Bard. also half He tried, but his squiggly product got pulled, and now labs are trying to correct the picture.