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Btp Italia, the inflation-linked government bond, raised €3.6 billion on its first day

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Applications exceeded expectations on the first day of placement Btp Italy, government bonds whose yield is linked to Italian inflation. As announced by the Ministry of Economy, it closed Monday 6 March with orders amounting to 3.637 billion euros. BTP Italia inflation-related orders totaled 132,334.

Inflation, and the continuation of the situation of Btp Italia

Eighteenth edition of Btp Italy, prior to the one set in these days, closed with €3.18 billion collected on the first day. A figure that highlights, therefore, the success of this new five-year edition of BTP Italia.

Phase 1 booked placement will end for Wednesday small investors. On the other hand, the employment day dedicated to institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, etc.) has been set from Thursday.

Btp Italia’s return is linked to inflation

Btp Italia’s success is certainly due to Semi-annual coupons The address is guaranteed.

For now, the minimum coupon is set at 2% (but may be revised upwards on Thursday) plus an additional yield related to the trend in Italian inflation, which currently hovers below 10%.

It is clear that when the bond matures, the principal is repaid, and for those who hold it until the maturity date – set in March 2028 – a “loyalty bonus” of 8 per thousand is recognised.

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Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti

Btp Italia, security properties linked to inflation

The placement takes place on the MoT platform with Intesa SanPaolo and Unicredit acting as agents for the operation. Here are the main features of the 19th edition of BTP Italia:

  • Returns linked to national inflation of a minimum of 2%
  • Vouchers paid every 6 months
  • Guaranteed capital at maturity
  • Preferential taxation of all government bonds at 12.5%
  • No commission for small savers who buy on recruitment days
  • A guarantee to the retailer that the required order will be fully met
  • Minimum purchasable category: 1,000 euros
  • Indefinite investment

the Inflation rate The reference for calculating inflation is the Freedom of Information Index (ISTAT Consumer Price Index for blue-collar households and employees, excluding tobacco).

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