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Sony wants to produce more PS4 consoles to make up for the shortage of next-generation consoles? –

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According to Bloomberg, Sony He will have a seemingly strange strategy to make up for PS5 shortage produced in this period, PS4 Production Increase.

The Japanese company, according to the newspaper, had informed the series’ production partners that it intended to continue and also increase PS4 production compared to what was planned during the show period. 2022.

PS4 and PS4 will be slated to coexist much longer

There has been no official announcement regarding the end of production for the console belonging to the last generation, but a reduction in this commitment was expected until the phased completion by 2022.

Instead, due to difficulty sourcing raw materials and a general slowdown in assembly leading to a known PS5 scarcity in the market, compared to continued demand, Sony has decided to focus again on PS4 to try and relieve the pressure.

This strategy will have Dual purpose To continue to maintain an important presence in the market with a lower-cost alternative to PS5 in terms of users, while on the other hand it also allows Sony to maintain very active relationships with production partners, in order to continue to rely on a close relationship that can allow for new agreements to be concluded easily.

The result of all this will be that PS4 will still be a significant player in the video game market at least for 2022. This may slow down the abandonment of the device in question as well by developers, with cross-generational production likely destined to last, but that’s just a guess.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to any information from Sony about new products, which could arrive via the expected State of Play soon, according to various rumors.

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