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Indications for the possible duration of the game from Josh Sawyer of Obsidian –

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pentagram About to arrive but Josh Sawyer from ObsidianBeing the main author of the game, he obviously already pressed it properly, and also reported a possible clue about Match duration Because this has not been defined more precisely.

In a recent tweet, new production designer and author Obsidian reports that he has just finished his third tour of the Pentiment, with a total 21 hours from the game. Bearing in mind that this is the third time the title in question has ended and also considering the small details that the creator of the game himself is, clearly putting him in a great knowledge relationship with this, it’s clearly not a matter of a sign that can be directly linked to the duration of the standard show.

However, we can take it as a starting point, and perhaps the duration minimum Which can characterize Pentiment play, which will likely last more than 20 hours in the first game by any user. So it seems to be a rather long adventure, with the added positive element provided by the fact that it has a great replay rate, since it is possible to try different new paths and make very different choices, in order to explore different developments. Date.

Remember, Pentiment will be released on November 15 on PC and Xbox, even live on Day One on Xbox Game Pass. We talked about it in more depth in our recent rehearsal of Obsidian’s fascinating narrative and investigative adventure.

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