September 27, 2023

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Playstation Plus, Free Game Bonus February 2022: Announcement

Playstation Plus surprises all subscribers with another game in February 2022, here’s the title and what kind of choice Sony made.

It’s PlayStation Plus It is undoubtedly among the most subscribed worldwide for gamers. It is in fact the basic type of service for all those who own a PS4 or PS5, given that only by subscribing to this type of offer can the full potential of the console be unlocked and also get a long series of advantages that you otherwise could not have. Some are very basic.

Playstation Plus, Free Game Bonus February 2022: Announcement

Only those who have an active account can videogiocare online With friends and other players. So you can get the most out of your games, especially free games, which abound in this period. With Playstation Plus, you can then get some storage space in a file clouds For your saves, which can therefore keep them safe and not overburden the internal memory of the console. Then there is the possibility to get exclusive store discounts, special packages e Awards Other players cannot get it. In addition to what is known and required and much talked about games of the month.

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PlayStation Plus, a bonus game for February 2022

Playstation Store
Playstation Store

The February 2022 games have already been announced And for the truth, not everyone was a fan of the titles picked for this month by Playstation, really. The majority of users, as seen on social media, appear to be completely unsatisfied with this month. Perhaps that is why Playstation decided to add another free video game to Playstation Plus games in February 2022.

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Like the open world video game The Last of Us, there is however. Unfortunately for all of our readers, the add-on game is for Only for subscribers who live in Asia. The title in question is dragon crown proA re-release of the popular RPG that was released on PS4. The title is about to be given to all Playstation Plus subscribers in February 2022 who reside in a country in Asia.