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In the United States there is a movie that drives analysts crazy: It’s a statistical anomaly

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It’s called everything everywhere at once The new box office phenomenon after it charmed critics, It literally drives analysts crazy From the box office and receipts.

In fact, in the last few hours, having passed my sixth weekend of programming, The film scored a very rare -0% in acquisitionsa statistical anomaly that brought many hands through their hair and made someone scream for a miracle, more specifically a miracle The resurrection of the famous “Word of Oral”that famous practice – now all but vanished in the age of social media and a hundred thousand TV ads for every “happening movie” – that once prompted audiences to go to the movies because, “Everyone says it’s a good movie”.

It probably never happened that a movie (moreover independent, produced by A24, far from being an all-star blockbuster) Haven’t experienced a drop in receipts now in your sixth weekend of programming. The distribution strategy certainly helped, as it increased the number of copies between Friday 29 April and Sunday 1 May Everything everywhere at once Available in IMAX theaters, but then apparently it was the audience that filled it, those theaters, something that isn’t clear at all today. As Forbes writes in Tones of Ecstasy: “This is an almost unprecedented feat for an independent film outside of the Oscar season. And we’re talking about an original movie, with no franchise behind it, an R rating, a high concept and an overwhelming narrative. The times of word of mouth seem to be back, Exactly the kind of thing that shouldn’t happen anymore In the age of live broadcasting, popular culture and intellectual property.

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right Now Everything everywhere at once He has the power to take the throne Uncut Gemstones By Adam Sandler, the highest-grossing A24 movie in North America to date ($50 million). Globally, the The highest profit from the studio hereditary by Ari Astra (79 million worldwide), followed by Lady Bird By Greta Gerwig ($78 million worldwide, thanks to the Oscars roadshow).

It will be interesting to see if the movie’s “statistical anomaly” holds up He also encounters Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madnessin the United States on May 6.

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