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Sony is preparing “three big announcements” by the end of March for Greg Miller

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While he was expecting Rumored to unveil PlayStation SpartacusKinda Funny reporter Greg Miller It piques the curiosity of PS4 and PS5 (but not only) gamers by suggesting that three “big surprises” will arrive from Sony, with several announcements expected, according to him, by Thursday, March 31.

Funny podcast editor Kinda addresses many of his followers directly and doesn’t speak words when reporting the latest rumors and explains how “Looks like someone is waiting for us A very interesting week on the PlayStation frontEven if one of the three great rumors that came to me is proven true.”.

Without delving into the merits of the prospects that his inner “deep throats” at Sony share, Miller says he’s so convinced that his sources are correct that he’s decided to refer to them. Thursday March 31 ‘PS I Love You XOXO’, the weekly PlayStation-themed podcast that the reporter usually holds every Tuesday. What do you cook about Sony?

Bloomberg Agency for leaks said about the upcoming PlayStation Spartacus unveiling, on the net there are many hoping to announce one. Gameplay status on God of War Ragnarok (Hard, given the recent show dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy) or at a special event dedicated to PlayStation VR2 (probably, if we think about it) GDC PSVR2 Test). There are also those who suppose, given the rumors on PS Spartacus, the announcement of PS5 backward compatibility with PS3 games. And you, what surprises would you like to receive from Sony in the coming days? Please let us know with a comment.

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