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Sonic 2, what do American critics think of the sequel? Here are the first comments

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As Paramount prepares us for the arrival of the second Sonic movie with new clipMany critics have already taken a look at the sequel, and offered their opinions. This is what Sonic 2 reporters thought.

The first to speak was Carlos Aguilar from The Wrap, who The movie was surprisingly satisfying, saying that Jim Carrey had great freedom in his performance. He added that Sonic 2 certainly isn’t meant to be “a movie beacon, but when viewed as a ‘harmless option for family-watching over spring break,’ it makes better than bad surprises.”

Commentary by Variety’s Peter Debruge, who found it, is less positive Jeff Fowler’s ability to successfully combine CGI characters with their human superstars is incredible, but they had some problems with the length of the film. Debruge admitted, “An hour and a half would have been the perfect length,” but it doesn’t stop there. “We expect this kind of menacing darkness in Marvel…but it gets boring when every kids movie puts our very existence at risk. It would be very effective to just focus on keeping the Wachowski family together.”

And Debruge isn’t the only one who thinks Sonic 2 is too long. Also with him are Leslie Philbren of The Guardian and John Nugent of Empire, who also found the film “flat and generic”. CNET’s Sean Kane will also cut it short by twenty minutes, but the critic found the film a delightful sequel “that captures a sense of childhood adventure.”

Instead, THR’s Justin Lowe defined Sonic 2 as A product that offers “rabid fun”, saying families will love itAnd praised the very expressive performance of Jim Carrey. The famous actor himself garnered a slew of praise from criticism very divided between those who found the film interesting and those who, while appreciating the process, believed something was missing.

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However, we’ll only be able to get an idea from April 7, when the movie hits cinemas. Meanwhile, here it is Sonic 2 Trailer.

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