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Something from Tiffany’s, Christmas Movie Review Available on Prime Video

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We have recommended a Christmas movie Must see on Prime Video before christmasand then else To see at Christmas. Therefore, a Christmas movie review to watch after Christmas cannot be missing, to maintain the holiday spirit but also for other reasons that we will explain later.

The movie in question has been recalled Gift from Tiffany (Original title Something from Tiffany), in Prime From December 9th And – perhaps it should be said – it has nothing to do with it Breakfast at Tiffany’s, if not for the fact that one of the most famous jewelers in New York, the United States and perhaps even the world is also mentioned here. We briefly (and without spoilers) recap the plot of A Gift from Tiffany’s and then explain why we think you should see it after Christmas.

What is a gift from Tiffany?

Fittingly, the movie begins at Tiffany’s, where the Christmas shopping is in full swing. We know three people in particular: Ethan and his daughter Daisy are here to buy an expensive engagement ring for Ethan’s partner, Vanessa, a woman on luxury with whom Ethan began dating after the death of his beloved wife.

The other character is Gary, a boy who instead wants to give “something not too expensive” to his girlfriend Rachel. However, when leaving the store, Gary is run over, Ethan goes to help him while waiting for the ambulance to arrive, but accidentally switches Tiffany’s bag with Gary’s, who is taken to the hospital.

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Here Rachel runs into Ethan and Daisy by chance and, thanking them for their help, invites them to the Italian bakery where she works. The two bond instantly and have a lovely evening, but no one knows yet about the gift exchange.

What will happen when the gifts are opened? We won’t tell you anything so as not to spoil your viewing of the movie, but if you’re curious you can watch the trailer for Something Tiffany’s below.

Why watch this movie after Christmas

Necessary premise: As in the other Christmas films we have recommended, here too we need to “concede” something in terms of realism. Specifically, there is no need to delve into the fact that after purchasing a thousand dollar ring, someone could be so distracted that they exchange the package for another without realizing it and without checking it.

Prime Video is something out of Tiffany's 1

If you go beyond this aspect, you will enjoy a fun romantic comedy, perhaps as predictable as all romantic comedies but still appreciated. However, in our opinion, this movie can’t be watched on Christmas, better then, from Boxing Day onwards.

We say this because, in our opinion, A Gift at Tiffany’s doesn’t so much convey the spirit of Christmas, but rather focuses on love at first sight and the impossibility of resisting fate. And love, to quote the title of another romantic comedy, Never Goes On Vacation.

Then take a look at Christmas another movie (not necessarily Armchair for two), or dedicate yourself to lol christmas specialbut then, when you have unpacked all the gifts and the red tablecloth has finally been removed from the table, try to warm your heart with this sweet comedy for lovers.

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Score: 7

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