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Solidarity hockey: “Before the match, bring a gift for the pediatric oncologist at the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin”

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With the Christmas holidays approaching, a commendable solidarity initiative “Triple” is taking shape by the important Vercelli Association, the city’s historic sports club and Ingas Vercelli hockey, always at the fore when it comes to programs that are regressing in the community. . Saturday 4, before the A1 Series Rotary Hockey Match between Engas Vercelli and Edilfox Grosseto, the athletes (and not) from Vercelli will have the opportunity, to bring a small gift, to give a smile to the young guests of the Pediatric Oncology Department of the Hospital “Regina Margherita” in Turin.

“From the day of its founding – explains HV General Manager Domenico Sabatino – Hockey Vercelli has not only set itself sporting goals, but has also made a concrete and ongoing commitment to philanthropy and social causes. Whenever we become aware of initiatives of this kind, we cooperate with great pleasure, and try help and manage the situation as much as we can.According to our thinking, he who receives good is happy, but he who does so also feels a good part of happiness; in this case, thanks to the cooperation with the Society of Pediatric Oncology of Vercelli and Circolo Sportivo Bellaria, we will try, starting from Saturday’s game, to do something to allow the children of the Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin to have a merry Christmas, to the fullest extent possible.”
The driving force behind this solidarity group, which it has been organizing for several years, is the Pediatric Oncology Society of Vercelli, in operation since April 2017, created by parents who have personally experienced the oncological disease of their children. “With the restrictions imposed by Covid – confirms Franca Alessio Francis, President of AOP Vercelli – unfortunately we cannot be physically close to the children, but what will still be possible and right to do is to bring as many gifts as possible to the ward to try to give a smile, a moment of rest For children with very difficult personal and health situations.”
Obviously, the call for solidarity is addressed to all fans of Vercelli hockey, but not only: even non-fans, those who do not usually follow the exploits of the Nerogallaverde team can, if they wish, go to present a gift before the start of the match. The game, at the rally point erected in front of the entrance to PalaPregnolato. “From 19.30 to 21 – explains Fabrizio Laghetto, HV director of the initiative – we will set up a counter outside the building where we at HV and the managers of AOP and Circolo Bellaria will take care of receiving gifts intended for young guests “Pizza Regina Margherita”; clarification, gifts must not be wrapped; then the subdivision and relative destination, taking into account the age and gender of the children to be treated. As a corollary to this, we have also organized a “Mulled Solidarity Wine” which will be distributed free of charge; the proceeds will go to the association which will consider its use in the most appropriate way.”
An initiative that wants to rejoice with small gestures, in complete solidarity and friendship, can only give satisfaction and pride to those who promote it and a deep commitment to its good ending. “We met the association almost by chance – notes Cristian Gobato, president of Circolo Bellaria – and together with them, we were able to see how good and courageous they are in transforming great pain into something tangible, constructive and dynamic with great courage that gives strength to support these children every day with all their might. We are proud of our ability To contribute, every drop becomes a sea and this is a huge sea; our circle of friends and collaboration with the Engas family, another wonderful group of friends, makes us proud; the hope is that this Christmas solidarity initiative is only the first in the chronological order of a lasting and fruitful cooperation”

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