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So the war of attrition weighs heavily on the troops –

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There are those who don’t trust Putin’s rhetoric on the show: It could be a draining move toward NATO.

there war Fierce marathon made from Conquests and setbacks are not final: At least in this long phase, with goals changing according to Russian President Vladimir Putin. His forces are clearly in a favorable position in the Severodonetsk sector. Even with losses, They forced the Ukrainian service to vacate the sites. If the incursion proceeded and closed in, a few thousand soldiers would risk being surrounded. A maneuver that responds to the expectations of those who assumed step by step tactic: slow, expensive, but it leads in one direction. The Ukrainians deny any breakthrough, and say reinforcements have arrived. It is too early to say whether the new tsar will be able to achieve minimum or maximum success: He wanted Kyiv and Zelensky’s head, but had to focus on it Donbass with alternating results. Maps reveal before and after this (Pictured above, March 1st and 8th).

In the Kharkiv region it was the invaders who had to leave the villages. It was said that within two weeks, defenders could even remove the quarter and replant the flags on the national border, even threatening the supply line. But the army would have gathered 19 battalions In the back of Belgorod. Theoretically, they have about 700-1000 men each, and they are not known by their conditions (quality, preparation): doubt also concerns the reserves of resistance. The fires – Severodonetsk and Kharkiv – can affect each other And certainly a condition of the leaders’ choices. In addition to the Battle of South Izyum, the destroyed bridges and those erected by rafts over the Donets River.

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Some details are coming from the Pentagon. progress in Donbass They are slowed down by the fact that the infantry do not take risks and are waiting for the artillery to carry out their task: there is mud in the fields to serve as an obstacle and logistics are not always enough. In addition to, Some departments refused to comply with orders While some officers are slow in their implementation.

This is (biased) information reminiscent of Moscow’s weakness. Let’s sum up the points. He was not accustomed to large and protracted operations: interventions in Georgia and Syria involved only small numbers. The maxi exercises done in the past years weren’t enough and only on paper it included entire sections. Corruption in the ranks and shortage of experienced officersthe centralization of hierarchies, especially catastrophic logistics. Intelligence failed strategically The belief that a part of Ukraine would welcome them as liberators – and plans is tactical, not adequately informing the administrations. The role of aviation is not so crucial: The Air Force did not impose its sovereignty Despite the abundance of aircraft: it depends on poor organization, little habit of interaction with other components, and insufficient training. The generals entrusted themselves – always in the first stage – b outdated technologiesexposing the columns to the traps of well-trained enemies.

For both sides, escorts, means, soldiers and organization are important. So far, the Ukrainians have looked more determined and prepared. But how does this effort affect them? A few days ago, a senior official in Kyiv admitted this in all areas: They have losses, but we are not superman. Bad news about their situation escapes censorship. In a propaganda duel, Kyiv claims to have eliminated about 25,000 enemies, Moscow replies that it killed approximately the same number. Then there are the thousands of destroyed vehicles.

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Contemplate the resistance on the supplies of the alliesThe Kremlin sediments are still full of bits and moles 97 battalions (originally 120) in which he participatedsufficient numbers for drain campaign. British intelligence insists: the Russians have fewer and fewer accuracy systems, reports from the field report The use of old bombs by fighters. For bullets they drop anyway and open empty. And the fleet despite its suffering A slap in the face drowned Major Moskva, continues to launch cruise missiles. The latest data confirm the presence of a formation of 6 ships and 2 submarines equipped with these long-range systems. But insisting on describing the problems of the Russians cannot turn into a disdain for the armyOtherwise, he would make the same mistake that Russia made.

Kremlin leader I have avoided general mobilization for the time beingHowever, it may still try to group the partitions together. There are those who do not trust Tones used in the speech in the presentation: Could be a drain move toward NATO, targeting Those in the West who believe that Putin has only responded to provocations.

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