April 24, 2024

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UAE Interpol Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi is the new president: accused of torture in 5 countries

International protests were not enough when his name emerged as the person vying for leadership of the international police: General Ahmed Naser al-RaisiInspector General of the Ministry of Interior The United Arab Emirates, to driveInterpol. international policeAs stated in a tweet from the same agency.

Nominate, his, that It has already provoked an opposing reaction, especially by organizations that fight for protection of human rights who accuse him of involvement to torture NS Arbitrary arrests In the UAE. The main one actually has it Criminal complaints in five different countries, including France, which includes the headquarters of Interpol and Interpol, and TurkeyWhere the elections that led to his appointment were held.

As for the French complaint, it is the last of the five mentioned, the main was cited in the case of the British researcher. Matthew Hedges, who arrived in Dubai in May 2018 as part of his studies and was arrested in November on charges of to spy. The man claims to have been placed isolation He was tortured to get him to confess. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he was released at the end of a diplomatic battle waged by London.

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