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“So the virus can change again” –

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China has moved within a few days from the certainty of Zero Covid policy to what appears to be an absence of plans. Infections are increasing, the health system is in an emergency state, intensive care is increasing, and stocks in blood banks are decreasing. Another warning comes from the United States: the economy and the mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

From our correspondent from Beijing
from politics Covid Zero
The Chinese authorities hastily withdrewbut at this point that seems to be the case zero floors To get out of the new emergency.

In a confrontationinfection burst, Only the partisan press seems to know what to do: give Optimistic news to support psychologically confused people. Today we read in the Beijing newspapers: Experts expect life to return to normal in the spring. Virologists say the Omicron variant has a lower risk of causing serious disease.

The official line is as follows: On December 7, the Covid Zero hunt measures were called off after the assessment that the pathogenicity of the coronavirus had weakened, Xinhua writes. However, the authorities suddenly made this discovery, after protests exploded in dozens of cities in late November, with chants in Shanghai against Xi Jinping.

The health system needs help: Announcements of various city administrations for the race to prove it Strengthening intensive care units with new beds and the opening of new fever clinics, which are centers for treating early symptoms and serve to relieve pressure on hospitals. Another indicator of the crisis is one Depletion of supplies in blood banks At least seven provinces: the level decreased to 16% compared to last year. Potential donors either test positive for Covid-19 or fear coming out.

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After two o’clock yesterday evening, Beijing Municipality recorded Five dead today: the The number always seems implausible In the face of the spread of injuries, which, according to unofficial data, would have reached 40% of the 22 million residents of the capital.

The international press is using The situation in crematoriums: in some they were seen rows of hearing She collected testimonies from relatives of people who died of Covid-19.

Authorities responded by having police guard the roads leading to the crematorium, as reporters from Reuters and Bloomberg reported yesterday. Long lines of black cars with mourning wreaths Staff in white hazmat suits were seen unloading coffins. This morning, AFP spoke on the phone with an official at a crematorium in Chongqing, a metropolis of 30 million: We’re running out of space for corpses on the waiting listHe said but did not specify if the situation was caused by deaths from Covid.

This is supported by projections with mathematical models developed by international institutes In the coming months, 60% of Chinese people could be infected. A US State Department spokesperson says that given the size of China’s GDP and economy, an impact on the globalized world is to be expected. He adds that it is necessary Watch Why In this case, there is a possibility that the coronavirus could mutate again It is spreading in China and poses a new threat to the world’s population.

In recent days, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson has emphasized that China has an institutional advantage over the rest of the world. These sentences remind us that the virus of suspicion and rivalry continues to spread.

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