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Elections in Brazil, results | Lula hopes to win the first round

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Opinion polls closed: the super favorite Lula, the former left-wing president, over incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro. Recent polls have given it between 50 and 51%: the goal is to win the first round

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São Paulo – Brazil voted. More than 156 million Brazilians were invited to vote to elect the new president and vice president, all 513 members of the Chamber of Deputies, and a third of the senators, governors and representatives of the 27 states that make up the federation.

Six ambitious presidents The challenge is now limited to two big opponents Brazilian Politics: Current President Jair Bolsonaro From the right-wing Liberal Party (in office since 2019) and former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (in office from 2003 to 2010), candidate of a broad coalition led by the left-wing Labor Party (PT).

Recent polls have given Lula a clear advantage, with a first-round win potential of 50% plus one valid vote, avoiding a run-off on October 30. Datafolha, on Saturday evening, gave Lula 50% to Bolsonaro’s 36%, and Ipec allocated 51% to the Labor leader against 37%.

Lula voted early in the morning at a polling station at a school in São Paulo, accompanied by his now inseparable wife “Ganga,” who was married this year to his moderate vice-president, Geraldo Alcumen (his former political opponent) and candidate for St Paul’s governor. He told the press that “the most fanatical Bolsonais will have to adapt to the majority of society” and when asked how he intends to pacify the country, he said that the majority of society does not want confrontation, but peace, and that it “will” easy to restore democracy and peace in this country. Lula concluded: “Those who don’t want it, and those who don’t respect the law… it will be their problem.”

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On Saturday evening, during his meeting with the press, he said that one of his priorities is to get Brazil out of international isolation, but he stressed indirectly that there will be no explicit condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: “Our policy is not a policy of neutrality except for the sake of peace ».

current president Instead, Jair Bolsonaro voted in Rio de Janeiro, but will wait for the results in Brasilia. Standing in front of photographers, wearing the Brazilian soccer jersey, Bolsonaro told reporters that “clean elections must be respected.” When asked if he would respect the results, he raised his thumb and walked away.

Meanwhile, controversy erupted in Europe. In many capitals, from Lisbon to Paris, long queues formed to get to the polls. The left accuses: the government reduced the seats abroad to prevent the vote.

October 2, 2022 (changed October 2, 2022 | 10:30pm)

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