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Snow Society: Survival in extreme conditions

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There are events in human history that are so disastrous, traumatic, and painful that surviving them makes those who lived them wonder whether survival was a miracle or a terrible condemnation. And from this terrible permission came a story True story to Snow communityfilm by J Bayona He who has full experience and immersion narrates – even the smallest details – what the passengers of that Uruguayan plane said October 13, 1972 Crashed into an iceberg Andrew Leaving survivors to fight for their lives for weeks in temperatures reaching minus 30 degrees, in the middle of nowhere other than silent, snow-covered hills.

Snow community It begins by showcasing what should have been an interesting journey for a young team from Football Uruguay. Boys with dreams and hopes, who are on the threshold of maturity decide to go from Montevideo to Santiago de Chile to spend one last holiday together before taking different paths. On the plane, there are other passengers with them, the atmosphere is cheerful, but suddenly the turbulence turns into a nightmare: perhaps due to a pilot error, the plane loses control and crashes into some of the most impregnable mountains in the world. Twelve people die instantly on impact or are swept away, under the watchful eyes of others, when the plane's sheet metal falls halfway. This painful dynamic is just the beginning Snow communityBecause from that point on, the survivors have to deal with the idea of ​​staying alive but being unable to escape anywhere, having to sip on meager supplies and having to watch those with no food die, one by one. Other. Sufficient power.

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Thus a wonderful and wonderful mountain turns into one Frozen prison Open sky. At the summit, there is nothing but blue skies and a white expanse of snow as far as the eye can see, with no life around and the constant threat of seasonal avalanches. Help will be slow to arrive, and after a while we will begin to lose hope, to think the unthinkable in order to survive, and then, for those who have set aside the everyday moral meaning of living in society, they will actually be forced to. Do.

Snow community With his terrible story, he harshly reflects, in facts and through the narrative voice of a survivor, what it means to live in such conditions, what the price of survival can be, and the fickle consistency of morality in situations where man is just like him. animal. In just over two hours, JA Bayona manages to keep us glued to the screen – with more than a few breaths -, showing us the progression of a story that the further it goes, the deeper it digs into the crevices of our most primitive instincts.

As the writer previously said Pablo Versi In the book of the same name (also from 2023), some of the survivors will then have to come face to face with the mountain and put their physical resistance to the ultimate test to make a desperate march along the ridges of the Andes, doing so- yourself the tools they obtained from what remained of the impact, and in His heart, the clear awareness of making the last possible attempt.

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The film was filmed in Sierra NevadaIn Spain, A motivideo (Uruguay) and beyond Andes Chilean and Argentine, including the site of the accident itself. Three replicas of the fuselage remains were used: one in a hangar where a 30-metre-high screen showed specially photographed images of the Andes, one buried in artificial snow and one in a lake at 3,000 metres. The film consists of three filming units, and about 300 people participated in its production.
Presented out of competition inThe 80th Venice Film FestivalSnow Community is available on Netflix.

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