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Snow Graziano Martello, stem cell scientist lent literature

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Graziano Martello teaches molecular biology at the University of Padova

The first published in Nature is only 27 years old. Fourteen years later, a few days ago, the Veneto Start Cup won a project – and it doesn’t happen often – aimed at translating discoveries made using stem cells into drugs to fight neurodegenerative diseases. out of the way Graziano Martello, there really is a life out of the ordinary. he was there Long years in Cambridge (which at that time was issued at Harvard University), and many other publicationsincluding those in science. you will become New Professor of Molecular Biology at the University of Padova He heads a research laboratory that deals, in fact, with pluripotent stem cells. Strong enough to go into the production of drugs that do not yet exist. During the forty-one years of the researcher’s birth but adopted at Stras, the scientific successes were endless. In 2014, the Arminez-Harvard Foundation (but also Telethon at the same time) funded Martello’s research activity. With over a million euros, from there he’s back home (yes, brains do come back sometimes).

From test tubes to literature

However, 2021 will also be remembered for another reason: the publication of his first book. After all – he’s joking, blue-eyed and wrinkled ones who don’t want to know they’re disciplined, more shy than a storyteller but with a sense of humor – now everyone is writing a book right? Let’s clear up an area of ​​potential misunderstanding right away: DNA, lab test tubes, and science have nothing to do with it. Rather, it is A collection of funny, sweet, and poetic stories.

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Twenty years of notes

Title: Snow Noises Silence. In the white field of the cover stands a funny giraffe. We specify that the giraffe does not appear in any of the more than 70 stories. Surreal nuance well represents the spirit of Martello’s tales. Brush strokes from a newspaper being stolen on the spot, drinking coffee, cycling to the labTake a walk or in the supermarket aisles. There is the trusted waiter who has welcomed him for years regardless of his excellent academic successes with always the welcome alternating with the hello handsome man. And in this Paduan tape, the author and scientist allow themselves to be carried away by commentaries on current eventsin life cases, with a fully local vitality that is then superimposed on paper. Snow Tales have been written over the past 20 years. The original Stra is an unspoken theater of many stories. Like the poems of the author of poems of lovers who have served generations of suitors, but confronted by Radhams, he struggles to find a rhyming word. Or the super-factor, unmistakable in the breadth of masculine tattoos but also of Laura Pausini’s ultra-thin shirt.. For years I have been writing a lot on Sunday mornings – says Martello – but in recent years, thanks to the computer always with me, I have written almost everywhere: on the bus, in airport waiting rooms, at the bar. At work no. Instead, I never write.

Details that do not add

Separation of state (science) and church (narrative)? How can one combine, one wonders, a life devoted to science with a subtle and intelligent interior space Like what comes out of snow pages? Lips are the curiosity, the fascination with the unpredictable aspects of existence. Yes, that is perhaps the hallmark of my work. Approaching a scientific topic with a preconceived notion carries misleading risks. sOften, from contradiction, from noticing details that “do not add”, the best ideas are born. It is difficult to meet a scientist about his inner world. The writer admits this frankly. After all, the idea of ​​u200bu200bpublishing the collection (by the way, it can be found on Amazon and as an ideal Christmas gift, especially since the proceeds go to a noble cause that we will talk about soon) started from the audience, not from the author.

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Charity proceeds

We explain ourselves better: In addition to the pen, the scientist in question has always played bass And over the years, with actor Filippo Fossa, he would suggest his stories leaving the interpretation to Filippo and take care of the soundtrack. At the end of the show – says Graziano – many asked me where they could buy the book… which wasn’t there. So I decided to post e I chose to donate the proceeds to Mimosa. Association Supports minors who are victims of abuse, a highly organized reality in Padua. (Now the book is there, the paper version costs 8 euros and 4 euros for a Kindle, and last but not least, is decorated with illustrations by Marco Mattia Piazzolo who is an architect, but after all, an author, scientist and actor who set off from a stage where Snow Tales began as a chemist, and perhaps eventually Art and science pulsate in unison through the veins of life.

Snow makes noises of silence will present Sunday December 19 at Villa Loridan in Stra, 5:30 pm.

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