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Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family, new subscription extended to 6 more countries –

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Friends and family on Xbox Game Passthe New subscription plan which allows Game Pass sharing between 5 users, has been extended to 6 other countries After the first two phases, in what appears to be an incremental move in marketing for Microsoft’s new subscription service.

After its beta launch in Ireland and Colombia, these are the six countries where it has been entered in the last few hours New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Hungary, Israel and SwedenThis brings the total number of countries where Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is available to 8.

The distribution seems to be done in random order, but in an effort to cover different geographic locations, perhaps to experience the impact of the new subscription in different economies and cultures. Strangely, there is still no information on the system’s arrival in major markets such as North America, the United Kingdom or Japan, but it is likely that Microsoft will continue testing in various other regions before the official launch on a large scale.

We remind you that Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family is a subscription tier that allows you to share an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription between 5 users, all in one price 21.99 euros per month. Each of these five users has access to all Ultimate subscription features, such as the Xbox and PC game catalog, EA Play, Xbox Live, and cloud gaming by sharing the subscription, so its price can be divided by 5, making it an especially convenient choice.

It became quite clear that the service in question had become a reality from the publication of the official FAQ in Italian, which clearly anticipates a possible launch of the new subscription in all the different countries where Game Pass is present. Last month, the subscription reappeared on the Xbox app, hinting at more news to come.

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