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Snaidero focuses on the US, Canada and China and is ready to sell its operations in France

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Massimo Manelli

CEO Manelli: “Abroad, two-thirds of our revenue is worth it, and we want to grow without ignoring Italy”

Milan. Snydero Focuses on medium high market stabilization to accelerate the growth path, especially an eye on international markets. “We ended 2021 with a turnover of 106 million euros compared to 95 million in 2020 and a 4% (compared to earnings, EPID) EBITDA that has not happened in many years,” he explained. Massimo Manelli, The CEO of Mazano, on the sidelines of a press conference in Milan to present the latest news at the Salone del Mobile, which opens today in the Lombard capital.

In the words of the business director, “Element” is the primary solution, “a minimal project that combines usability and focus”. Roberto Lizzie.

In an exhibition space of 450 square meters, built with low-emission panels, Snaidero combines exclusive monoliths and quality details characterized by a luminous profile integrated into the workplace with the new “Aria” product.

“Today overseas we have two-thirds of our revenue and the goal is to grow further. This does not mean retreating from central Italy and especially from the north-east. 90% of our suppliers are within 100-150 km radius,” Manelli explained in IDEA Corporate Credit in July 2018. De Agostini took over the management of the company by acquiring the group with II funds.

Snaidero Elements Model

Yet in the case of overseas markets, the head of Friulian spoke of interest in the French company, which trusts two brands – Arthur Bonnet in the upper range and Comra in the middle segment – with revenues of around மில்லியன் 40 million. And small profits in 2021.

“There is great interest in this property from other companies. For now it is within our borders, but we have not excluded anything,” the CEO said.

“The United States and Canada are one of the best performing markets, and we have made good returns through partnerships in China, where we plan to open about fifteen stores a year, excluding new surprises of an external nature,” the manager continued. Epidemiology and geopolitical tensions.

The company expects to end the current year with a 10-15% growth in revenue and accelerate profits. “The market average is 7-8% of the Ebitda margin. Starting fresh, we are halfway through today and we hope to bridge the gap in a few more years,” Manelli said. As for Snaidero, we’re not interested in building blocks. “

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