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Small Tables in Lecco: Not to be restricted to the space given from Easter to the first of May

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Small Tables in Lecco: Not to be restricted to the space given from Easter to the first of May. L’Municipal administration led by Mayor Gattinoni In fact, I have decided to proceed with a temporary exception to the regulations for the occupation of public lands by corporations that request it. A decision to take effect a few days after the position taken by Tar that granted the suspension.

Small Tables in Lecco: Not to be restricted to the space given from Easter to the first of May

Following the comparison that I started in recent weeks with the associations of traders – he explains Giovanni Cattaneo, Regional Attraction Consultant – In light of the TAR decree and above all the impending Easter period and the long weekends at the end of April, we are preparing a decree that will allow, pending the announcement of the Council of State, to restore the space available to ban customers and restaurants, to the extent permitted immediately after the epidemiological emergency ” .

Tar decree

Specifically, the TAR order relates to one case of the suspension of a provision for clearing tables placed by a public institution in Piazza Cerminati in front of the windows of another public institution, but the implications (the requirement is a certain obligation present appeal) can also be interpreted broadly for years other financial.

“Through municipal regulations – explains Cattaneo – we have given everyone the opportunity to work in squares, giving clear rules and above all restoring order and balancing the right needs of merchants to work outdoors and the needs of citizens equally to enjoy the space of squares or to know that there is an end to overcrowding by customers and a noise for those who live in the streets of the centre. We talk about the needs of the merchants who risk losing sight of the needs of the population.”

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An order to evacuate a restaurant in Piazza Cerminati has been suspended

And again: “The TAR order stops the eviction we ordered from a restaurant in Piazza Cermenati, which, despite having received a concession from the municipality for a similar commercial space a few meters from the current one, insists on the need to arrange its tables in front of the windows of another bar. This concept The private public space prompts us to appeal to the Council of State. The debate about extending the government has nothing to do with it, because we have already been working with the Confcommercio for a larger broadband project in which to get acquainted with the new possibilities of public institutions in the months frequented by customers. It is a matter of fairness and respect for the criterion The confrontation (having tables in front of the windows) indicated by the Confcommercio itself.

Enforcing certain rules

“For this reason, the municipal administration, in compliance with the time required for a decision by the State Council to suspend the eviction measure in connection with a particular case, reiterates that its sole aim is to apply and enforce certain rules, and certainly not to penalize economic activities. Therefore, in these weeks of suspension, it is not intended Depriving public companies of any economic opportunities they could have, so we will proceed with a temporary restriction covering holidays in the coming weeks.

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