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Slam Dunk – The new visual for the movie

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hello dunkAs we should get you back, we have a new one anime movie In the process that master Takehiko Inoue writes and directs in Toei Animation.

he is photographing Not done yet Our title and release period is a year Autumn 2022.

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Slam Dunk – Release period and new promotional video for the new anime movie

thanks for the Oricon We can take a look at new optic:

in Japan hello dunk Sequenced on the pages of the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump From Shueisha From September 18, 1990 to June 4, 1996 and was first collected in 31 tanks; Between 1993 and 1996 she inspired Anime series in 101 episodes and Four animated films Made by Toei Animation.

The anime series was broadcast in Italy MTV It was released on home video for yamato video.

The manga was first published by planet manga in 1997; Between 2010 and 2012 D / Optical Reissued in a deluxe Japanese edition in 24 volumes.

Between 2019 and 2021 planet manga published Again the series in one remake based on On that which was released in Japan in 2018 in 20 volumes.

Published by the same publisher According to the technical book From the series, it was immediately sold out e print.

The most popular sport of all time is back at the Basketball World Championships
It was downloaded by fifty girls, but for Hanamichi in high school, everything changes thanks to the beautiful Haruko and the fateful question: “Do you like basketball?”.
New covers, new subtitles, and a new subdivision for the chapters of the 40th Shogakukan Manga Award winning series for Best Shonen. Takehiko’s masterpiece “Vagabond” Inoue!

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