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“The Roar of the Sheep” is a book that examines the epidemic from a 360-degree angle

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(ANSA) – Milan, June 08 – To give answers and shed light on the many aspects that remain to be clarified in the management of the epidemic: this is the aim of the book “The Roar of Sheep-Covid, Extreme Secrets and Lies”. “Lest We Forget” by Maria Rita Gesmondo, Director Responsible for Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Bio-Emergency Diagnostics at the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, written with journalist Claudio Minoletti.
Regarding the virus that changed the world, we wonder whether everything is going well and whether we are prepared for the coming emergencies. What really happened? What mistakes were made that could have been avoided? How many lives could have been saved? How many lives can be saved, while the World Health Organization warns that “Disease X” will arrive sooner or later. These are the questions that the teacher is trying to answer. Official documents, reports and statements, words of heroes, journalistic and judicial investigations, “waste and rivers of money”, articles from the most authoritative scientific journals serve as a natural and informative conclusion to the questions.
The volume, published by Byoblu Edizioni, is the story of the crisis written by those who lived it on the front line and saw it up close from the laboratory, that of Sacco, an Italian franchise also recognized abroad. A journey into a lost world, mixed with the private, even intimate, between feelings, emotions, clashes, disappointments and confessions, but “above all – explains Maria Rita Gesmundo – a great labor of love for science.” (handle).

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