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Sky, Franசோois in Canada with a world goal

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Outgoing Super-G ChampionOutgoing runner-up giant e President of the European Cup: It comes with a great business card Giovanni Franசோois Arrived in Panorama, Canada where the Junior Sky World Championships will be held from today until next Wednesday. One of the most anticipated men of the multi-purpose youth youth festival in Manerba del Carta, with whom he has a great relationship.

In Norwich (Norway) two years ago, he was downhill thirteen and fifth in the Super-G, before everything was suspended due to an epidemic. He returned from Banskov (Bulgaria) last year with two medals: Supergiant’s Gold And The next day at the Giant is Friday. Now he is aiming to do the same in Panorama, based on the season he has seen collecting first points in the World Cup and leading the European Cup. Month of Soldier’s Finals.

“I left a day later because I did some work in the gym at home – Franசோois explains -. You have to aim for one race at a timeAs time goes on: I will be leaving immediately after Canada In the grunkska Cora for the World Cup, Then Soldeu finals in the European Cup. But one day at a time I will try to bring home as much as I deserve.

We start with the landing today (Italian evening), Then tomorrow will be “his” Super-G. Sunday Combined, Tuesday Giant and finally Wednesday Slalom: A Tour de Force where Franசோois wants to return with multiple metals.

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