April 23, 2024

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After a short, very open race Skizas in the lead – OA Sport

After a short, very open race Skizas in the lead – OA Sport

The matches will begin Paramount Fine Foods Center in Mississauga (Ontario), a sports facility hosted this weekend Skate Canada 2022Second Stage of Round ISU 2022-2023 Figure Skating Grand Prix. In the opening round, the women’s individual short program will be ranked first The shortest ranking host is Madeline Shizas.

Canadian is one Some pack a positive performance in all aspects, lands a great triple single Ridberger with a triple lutz / triple toe loop combination in performance. Then complete a set of jumps with the athlete’s double axis Scored 67.90 (36.44, 32.46).exceeds la by a glue Reborn teammate Gabriella DalemanHe returned to good pace after a long day by finishing second in 66.65 (35.82, 30.83).

Positive signs from American Ava Marie Ziegler It has, somewhat surprisingly to be honest, trumped internal competition Finished third with 66.49 points (35.09, 31.40). A call on the wrong entry wire on the flip Mixed with a deliberately conservative strategy Instead it fell into the path of South Korean favorite Young Yoo This, at the end of the day, She had to return to fourth placeand 65.10 with (32.85, 32.25).

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But beware Ringa Watanabe: The Japanese, sixth with 62.78 (32.47, 30.13), called the triple axel and triple toe loop (chained with triple lutz) under-rotated, so the hands really have points to make a big comeback in sight. of free. Every scene is open in this sense.

Finally, it should be mentioned What did Rika Kihira do? Too far behind in production and still unable to separate Lutz and Philip, Finished eighth with 59.27 points (28.87, 30.40).

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Individual Women’s Minor Program Rankings

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