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Skating: Picture. Skate Canada, Guignard-Fabbri – Good start to other games

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Figure skating is off to a good start for Italy in the second leg of the ISU Grand Prix.

Duke Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Center in Vancouver on the Canadian Snow, on the opening day of Skate Canada, the tricolor champions of dance Charlene Gignard and Marco Fabri (Fiamme Azzurre) have once again proved their worth in rhythmic dance, where they were able to sign off on a seasonal record of 85.65 points, second only to the home pair created by Piper Gilles-Paul Bauer.

“We are proud of our performance and saw significant improvement from our first race a few weeks ago. The project still needs a lot of work; I do not know why we lost some positions during the show, but we are happy. Our race is very important. The end,” Marco said at the end of the race. Fabri’s words.

The couple, coached by Barbara Fusser Polly, scored 78.82 points instead, being less intelligent than usual from a technical standpoint compared to their standards and could close the virtual stage in the middle of the race with almost two points in any case. The Spaniards are smart-dias. On the Italian night between Saturday and Sunday the Guignard-Fabbri ISU Grand Prix will hunt for the fifth to 3rd of their lives at one point.

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