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Six invitations migrate to Sweden

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Another change in plans. The Rainbow Six Siege 2022 Six Invitational will not take place in Montreal, Canada, as it was selected as the Paris organization in the last edition. The updated measures implemented by the Canadian government against the new Omicron variant actually forced Ubisoft to revise its plans. So, for the second year in a row, Europe will be the venue for six invitations: Stockholm prepares to welcome the top twenty teams from four reference areas. Confirm dates instead. The event will take place from February 8 to 20.

News for the fans

The real news is that Ubisoft has finally taken a step towards the community. In view of the six invitations, a small circle of content creators and streamers can broadcast the event on their channel. As is already happening on other topics related to the sports world, a visual feast of all kinds. In a certain sense, a choice that compensates for the lack of publicity on the stand. The epidemic is still going on, with the development of infections commanded by the Omigron variant, imposing an infamous choice on the French-Canadian publisher, but perhaps the most necessary: ​​closed doors.

Italians from Japan

Meanwhile, the Italian system will not be in the starting line-up. The Mkers failed to copy last year’s record, and from the open qualifying round they were able to beat the entire competition and earn a place among the best. However, the tricolor will still fly high due to the Ricardo “hybrid” Massimino font. He is a researcher who has qualified for the Cyclops Athlete Gaming by winning the Asia Pacific Qualifying Round.

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