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In Canada, several verification accounts of truck drivers involved in the protests have been disabled

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Some protests in the world have paralyzed an entire country for days. The Ottawa truck driving struggle is one of them. The siege was created by the United States’ decision to impose a vaccine duty when crossing the border with the United States.

After more than a month of continuous detention and hundreds of arrests, the situation is reopening. The Freedom Convoy, the name of the struggle that began in Canada on January 22, 2022, has seen the last few hours of large-scale seizures and the forcible removal of trucks that have been participating in the struggle for more than a month. Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. ”

At the end of the struggles

Following the harsh course of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, he was allowed to wield extraordinary powers and dozens of current accounts were seized from participants in the independence movement. Most participants were denied the Novax vaccine. It is not an organized movement, but a gathering of many organized right-wing movements.

The Canadian Prime Minister himself has long been criticized for his harshness in stifling protests. Elon Musk himself, who usually intervenes, said in a tweet that “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is comparable to Hitler.” Many voices say that the Prime Minister has been harsh with the media and has publicly invited some critical newspapers to leave the field.

Shooting from Skytg24, many voices protesting against Elon Musk’s remarks on the field: “The attacker – adding another, who says his name is Thot and came with his truck from southern Ontario – is a real Canadian. Did Elon Musk call Trudeau a Nazi?” Well, Trudeau is a Nazi.

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During the protests that paralyzed the country for more than 30 days, nearly 200 protest leaders were arrested by the police. CNN reports that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has indefinitely blocked a total of 206 financial products, including bank and corporate accounts. In addition to the volume, 56 topics (physical subjects or institutions) in the square were made public.

In support of the crackdown, Canadian officials explained to the media the reasons behind the PM’s decision to do so. The lockout, which lasted more than thirty days, left many companies in the country in the dark, especially in Ottawa, many of which were forced to close for long periods.

Finance for business

The Prime Minister announced a $ 20 million fund to support businesses, which could repay up to $ 10,000 in losses.

In an effort to put a definite point on the matter, Prime Minister Trudeau declared that these measures would “be used only for the sole purpose of resolving the most complex situations in a temporary and highly selective manner.” Blocking current accounts is made possible by emergency legislation. Recognized in 1988, the text reads, “When emergencies and emergencies pose a risk to life, the potential for greater repression by the current government and authorities provides for the safety and health of Canadian citizens.” It can only be used in “situations”.

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