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Everyone is talking about Canada and the United States without knowing that the road in this corner of paradise is number one on holidays.

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Holidays, vacations and many more vacations. Easter is over and we are already thinking about what to do this summer. After all, this is the perfect time to make a reservation, because you know that the closer you get to the summer months, the more difficulties you will face.

Exaggerated prices, out of place and here we are forced to spend a lot of money for normal quality. During the year, it’s easy to bargain for both travel and accommodation, but between June and September, things change. If we plan to go on a road trip, the situation becomes even more complicated.

But what does “on the road” really mean? We usually refer to trips made by car, where you can move from one area to another and see as many places as possible.

You can enjoy the sea and tranquility in a hotel as opposed to a classic weekend, or at a resort for more than a week.

America is at the forefront of places that are much loved by those who love adventure road trips, but that alone is definitely not the case. Let’s look at something a little more unexpected and incredibly attractive.

Everyone is talking about Canada and the United States without knowing that the road in this corner of paradise is number one on holidays.

When you think of these adventure vacations, everyone thinks of Canada and the United States as the favorite destinations of aspiring tourists from all over the world.

However, some who were interested in discovering the entire planet decided to go to a place that was fascinated by travelers and not much explored: New Zealand.

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It is located in the Pacific Ocean and consists of two islands, the North and the South, respectively.

Now let’s see what to see from north to south of this beautiful earth and why we should choose it for our next trip.

What to see in New Zealand

You can start from the North Island, which travel experts recommend stopping at Auckland, an incredible mix of nature and modernity.

After this first destination, in about two hours by car you will reach Cathedral Cove Beach, which is ideal for a short break at sea.

At this point, there are some scenes where you can not miss the Hobbiton movie set Lord of the Rings.

Going south, those who decide to take this tour, to fully see the Hookah Falls, here we come to the inevitable point.

We cover the exploration of the North Island with a trip to the capital Wellington, where we will sail to the South Island with Picton.

The tour starts from the beautiful and majestic Abel Tasman National Park, with its breathtaking beaches and cliffs.

We go to the center of the island and come to Nelson Lakes National Park, which is formed by glacial valleys.

Now let’s go to the city and go to Queenstown, surrounded by mountains and overlooking Lake Wakadipu. We end up with Christchrch, another city that is delightful and very specific compared to the rest of the island.

Everyone is talking about Canada and the United States, but there is still a lot to discover in this beautiful land. We bring joy to travelers interested in discovering this fairy tale and amazing reality.

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